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How to select the right carpet for your home

16th July 2019

As the living room is the central part of every home where most family members spend at least some part of their time, choosing a carpet isn’t an easy task.

There are many things to consider. Depending on the room, the traffic flow and whether you have kids or pets, so will the choice of your carpet depend. It is essential to consider all the things if you want your carpet to last for a long time. Also, learning how to maintain your carpet correctly is of crucial importance to achieve that ‘new carpet’ look even after some time. 


The carpet selection can turn out to be quite a tiring and challenging process. Once you've selected the room for your new carpet, the next task is to research the materials available. The basic types of carpets today are made of wool, wool mix and man-made fibres. Each material type has its pros and cons. Wool carpets are extravagant, and they add a touch of elegance to the room. They are very soft and feel great under your feet; they also keep the place warm and reduce noise.

On the other hand, wool mix carpets consist of approximately 80% wool and 20% man-made fibres. They look stylish, and they are quite practical since they are great insulators, resistant to wear-and-tear and easily cleaned.

Lastly, man-made carpets are pretty appealing. They are perfect for busy families with kids and pets primarily since they handle dirt, dust and heavy foot traffic well. 

Colour & Style

If you’re redecorating your whole living room, then the choice of the carpet colour and style is limitless. However, if you’re redoing the carpet, you need to think about the overall style and tone of your living room. Finding the right living room carpet for your home will require a lot of samples.

The best way for you to choose the perfect carpet for you is to carry samples from the drapes, wallpaper, furniture and paint chips already present in your living room. In that way, you’ll have a clear vision of the general tone and materials used so it’ll be easier to fit in the right carpet. 


Tips for choosing a carpet usually include the question of maintenance as well. They all suggest buying a carpet that you can maintain easily. Dirty and not adequately cleaned carpets are full of dust, dirt, bacteria and germs which can be harmful to our and especially our children’s health.

That’s why proper cleaning is advisable. Some carpets are such that you can maintain the quality of your carpet by yourself. Achieved by vacuuming it daily, cleaning spots and spills right away, suing deep extraction, deodorising and grooming your carpet. On the other hand, for more detailed cleaning, it is better to hire reliable carpet cleaning services, which will make your carpet seem like a new carpet. 

Quality & Cost

Even though all the carpets may seem the same to you, the quality and consequently durability is different behind each one. Look for carpets with unique nylon technology, superior soil resistance technology as well as anti-static technology that guarantee long-lasting, resistance to crushing, colour fading and dirt penetration, limiting the ability to become stained and deflecting static shock.

The cost of the carpet will depend on all the features mentioned above as well as the size of the room and the fact whether you’re redecorating for yourself or selling your home. 

Underlay & Professional Help

The usage of underlay is essential for the aim of prolonging the life of your carpet. It provides support and insulation for the whole carpet, and it protects it against all kinds of indentations. Underlay is a good investment since it acts as padding and is more comfortable underfoot.

Carpet installation requires some skills, and a well-fit carpet is bound to last longer. Carpet-fitting professionals will fit your carpet flawlessly and promptly.

Who knew that there are so many things to consider when buying a carpet?!

There is more to the carpet that just the colour and patterns, so do your research and plan for the future and you will have the perfect carpet in no time!