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Look down. Choosing Carpets for Your New Home.

24th February 2016
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Like most things to do with your new home, when it comes to choosing the right carpet it’s important to consider your lifestyle and circumstances. For example, couples living alone will have drastically different requirements from families with young kids. Unless the young couple are incredibly messy and clumsy, but that’s for another article.

The first thing to understand is your options. There’s a flood of options available on the market and you’ll be better off knowing the difference between your cut piles and loop piles, your plush fabrics and those with more durability.

Loop Pile


There are two main types of carpet, ‘Loop Piles’ made from loops of yarn. They have a soft finish and are considered to be more durable and longer lasting.

Cut Pile


The second are ‘Cut Piles’, carpets made from cutting loops of yarn to produce a more upright finish and feel that tends to look more plush and luxurious.
Lifestyle and Family

Families & Kids

If you’re a family with young kids, a lot of kids, or you’ve got a free roaming family pet or two then you’ll need carpet that’ll go the distance, especially in communal living areas and children’s bedrooms. Darker, more forgiving colours mean you won’t have to worry about small spills or tiny stains here and there. Mid to dark tones are also well suited to the bigger families and frequent social hosts amongst you.

Pile Carpets

For people living solo and as couples who may be in search of some opulence, your best bet is a plusher ‘pile’ carpet. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns, colours or lighter tones. Plush piles, with their gorgeous ‘squishy’ appearance, have a tendency to retain tracks and footprints so you’ll want to avoid these around pets and little ones.

Your loop pile carpets also have a fantastic, comfortable texture and don’t tend to show footprints. You’ll also find they’re available in a wider range of patterns and textures, making them an ideal choice for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.


It’s important to realise how carpet colours work in a new home. If you want something cosy, for example in your living room or bedroom, then darker colours and tones will help create that sort of ambience. On the opposite end of the spectrum, paler tones and lighter colours will make rooms appear larger and brighter.

If you’re concerned that spills and stains aren’t a worry, then subtle blends of colours or darker tones will go the distance. It’s important to bear in mind that your carpet will fade over time as well. If the carpet you’re choosing is intended to last for years then opt for a shade or two deeper and you’ll be about right.

A great carpet can change the mood, look and feel of a room, help with noise and create a comfortable environment for you and your family.

Carpets should last and quality carpets will go further so try and go for the maximum quality that your budget will allow.