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Builder Stories

  • Moda Interiors PT1

    It’s the ride fit for a Hollywood celebrity, but Anne-Maree isn’t on her way to the red carpet, she’s about to take part in an interior design workshop like nothing you’ve seen before – the KB9 workshops.

  • Moda Interiors PT2

    Kate Barakovska definitely knows a thing or two about interior design, and now with her KB9 workshops she’s sharing her experience with design enthusiasts.

  • Smart Homes for Living - Part 1

    Justin is checking out a house full of smarts. It’s the Protégé, a four-bedroom two-bathroom home built by Smart Homes for living. Location smarts, people smarts and design smarts are just part of the smarts that go into a Smart Home for Living home.

  • Smart Homes for Living - Part 2

    Keeping the family together is just one approach that Smart Homes for Living builds into their homes. Now all the smarts come together on their online iDesign platform.

  • How To Pick A Builder

    Building a new home is one of the biggest decisions of your life and theirs a lot to consider, so Rob Palmer runs us through a few ideas on how to choose your builder with the help of the experts from Home Group WA.

  • Carole, Russell, Trav, Josie & Jason Windows

    Carole and Russell are giving Trav and Josie a hand to give their house the Jason Window touch with their new sliding stacking door from Home Base.

  • Riverstone

    Chloe explores an award winning home built with a twist, it’s practically upside down. It’s a reverse living home to take advantage of the views and moved the main living areas to the second level.