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Builder Stories

  • Moda Interiors

    This Floreat home may take you by surprise because when you step inside the door you’ll notice an array of style, everywhere you turn you’ll see something different yet it seems so modern. A reflection of the homeowner’s style and lifestyle.

  • Radiant Lighting

    You may not have put too much thought into the impact lighting can have on your home, but Anne-Maree is going to share some insider tips that can help make not break the functionality of your home.

  • Cosentino Part 1

    Our dynamic duo Carole and Russell are pretty use to getting their hands dirty renovating, but this week for something different we’ve sent them on a mission, and it’s all elegance, sophistication and a touch of stone that could be just the look you’ve been waiting for.

  • Cosentino Part Two

    Book a designer, come in, sit down, use the 3D designer app, then experience it for yourself. It’s part of the Cosentino way to help you choose the perfect stone to add to your home

  • Nicheliving (Bluescope)

    Imagine wiping six months off your build time, well this two-storey construction method by Niche Living can do just that and it’s the future of building here in WA.

  • Home Group WA

    As far as financial commitments go, these not much in life that comes anywhere close to building or buying your own home. So if you want your big investment to set you up for the future then it’s important to be guided by people who are willing to listen and work with what you want.