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Builder Stories

  • Oswald Homes

    Anne-Maree visits the Langkawi style home in Floreat by Oswald Homes. This airy home encompasses the central water garden and lanai, which flows from the living areas.

  • Cosentino Surfaces

    The kitchen reveal! Firstly Carole and Josie escape form the boys to search for a new bench top for Trav & Josie’s kitchen renovation from Cosentino Surfaces.

  • Home Group WA

    Trends are continually changing over time and according the experts, now there is one thing that everyone wants in their new homes. People want space and lots of it!

  • Million Dollar Makeovers

    From the rooftop to the kurb side, this City Beach colonial style home has had the complete makeover in just 11 weeks from Million Dollar Makeover that you have to see to believe.

  • Trevors Carpets

    One of the best ways to breathe new life into your home is to start with the area where your eyes travel to first – the floor. It may not be the highest on your reno wish list but this makeover by Carole and Russell may change your mind.

  • Macri Exclusive Homes

    These apartments by Macri Exclusive Homes are just so good that they’ve won the HIA Apartments of the Year Award. With a trend in downsizing Chloe checks out this award winning development.

  • Winning Appliances

    Switzerland is known for it’s global inventions and if you haven’t heard of V-Zug, you ay soon. Chloe investigates this growing craze of high quality home appliances at Winning Appliances.

  • Pindan Homes

    Justin is in Guildford, one of WA’s oldest settlements to see how Pindan Homes are building a 4-story apartment complex to fit in with the surrounding area and capture the town’s heritage.