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Builder Stories

  • World of Renovation

    With new trends and styles emerging ever 5 minutes where do you start, New Homes Guide TV has done the job for you. Sasha is down in Dianella, she’s doing a beautiful cosmetic renovation and taken the home back to the brick work.

  • Home Group WA

    When your future home is in the builder’s hands. There’s so much to learn, always something new to choose or think about. We’ll follow the heart breaking and inspirational journey of the Glossops.

  • Reece

    So the reno is going pretty well for Carole and Russell. The questions this week is have these two been able to keep themselves out of trouble? Maybe. See the transformation.

  • West Coast Hifi

    Streamline your life with the latest in house hold gadgetry. Chloe is back at West Coast HiFi, she want to know everything there is to know about smart sound for the home, but what does that mean?

  • Winning Appliances

    Technology has made cooking in the home a whole lot easier and stylish. Justin heads to Winning Appliances to talk to Adam about the Miele Artline oven range.