The Guide - Outdoors

More wisdom for your great outdoors.



A beautiful idea, and an awesome addition to any home. They also require ongoing work and investment, so be aware of what’s involved before jumping in.

Fibreglass pools

Tend to be more affordable, faster to install and easier to keep clean.

Concrete pools

Offer endless options for customisation in size, shape and finishes.

Pen to paper

Sketch out a rough plan of your garden as soon as you can. It’s fun and it’s the easiest way to share your ideas with your family.

Your weather

Be aware of how your property sits and where the weather hits. Plan your garden around the sunny spots, the sheltered places and so on, and it will all make more sense and work better.


It’s the responsibility of all of us to conserve water, and waterwise gardens are not difficult to achieve these days. Ask questions at your local nursery and you’re more than likely to find lovely people with great advice.


Native gardens are wonderful in every way. There is so much variety, they look stunning, attract native birds, and are naturally perfectly equipped to thrive in our environments.