The Guide - First Home Buyers

Helpful bits for first home buyers


Build Don’t Buy

The financial incentives are there, everything’s brand new and designed especially for you.

Be Ready to Build

Take a reality check and consider your finances and your future plans. Talk to friends, family, and professionals. When you’re good to go, you’ll know, and that’s great news.

Choosing Your New Home

Work out what you need and create a short list of home designs based on that. This will make your job much easier and reduce the risk of becoming overwhelmed and going off in the wrong direction.

Love Lists

Make lists of your Needs and Wants, of the basics like numbers of bedrooms, of pros and cons, and financial summaries. Making lists helps you form strategies and strategies help you and the professionals who will be helping you on your new home journey.

Choosing Your Builder

Check their credentials, look at reviews and search for the good vibes because except for your marriage, this will be one of the most important relationships of your life.


Speak up. Ask questions. Talk about issues and stress points. Communication is one of the most important basic principles of building a new home, and it’s something you can control, so let’s talk.

First Home Finance

One word - save. Save as much as you can, starting last year. You can never have a deposit that is too big, and every little bit helps. Save money to put yourself in the best possible position when you’re ready to go for it.

Loan Types

Fixed, variable, guarantors, there’s a number of ways to secure the finance for your new home, so look them all up, understand them and identify the ones that are the best for you and your new home.

Help for First Timers

The First Home Owner Grant is famous, but there are other benefits out there for you younger ones building your first new home. Do research and speak to financial advisors and mortgage brokers to understand everything that’s available to you.