The Guide - First Home Buyers

How to choose your first home


Being ‘spoiled for choice’ can definitely be a good thing, or it can be a bit overwhelming. It can certainly apply to the first steps of choosing your new home design. There are plenty of great builders and they all have lots of lovely home designs. Single storey, double storey, split level, open plan, narrow block you name it.

Avoiding overwhelming feelings comes down to narrowing down on your decision making by first working out what will work for you. This isn’t about other people, it’s your new home, for you and your family, so what do you guys need and want?

Don’t consider everything, there’s simply too much out there. This is going to be your home and every person and family has different needs and priorities. Identify those priorities, and then find a smaller number of home designs that match your needs, that’s a good starting point.


Needs Vs. Wants

This can be a little bit difficult and will invariably involve compromises, but that’s life and something everyone has to do, no matter what size their budget is.

A ‘Need’ is something that your new home has to have, it’s critical for you and your lifestyle. A ‘Want’ would be nice, but it’s not crucial. So, the Wants are what goes first when compromises have to be made.

You’ll make a lot of lists during the new home building process, and this is a great opportunity to make one of those. Two columns, one for needs, one for wants. Go!

Need examples - Bedrooms for each child, garage space for both cars, backyard space for kids or pets.

Want examples - Swimming pool, balcony, entertainment room.

Creating this list will help you achieve a smarter decision making process with a realistic idea from the start of what your new home will include when finished.

Consider Lifestyle

Your lifestyle that is. Choose the homes for your short list that will fit the way you live now, and in 5 years time. Your life will change, we all do, and your home should have some built in flexibility to work with where you’re headed. Remember, this is an investment that needs to be just as valuable in the future as it is now.

If kids are planned for the near future, make sure you have enough bedrooms and consider the position of the ‘adult areas’ of the home.

If outdoor living is something you love and you have the climate for it, then you might want to sacrifice floor space in favour of outdoor areas.

If you’re a great entertainer or have family visiting all the time, think about guest rooms and space for hosting those gatherings.

Lot Placement

The orientation of your block of land, and the placement of your home on the land are important things to consider because they can have a big impact on the levels of natural light in your home as well as heating and cooling efficiencies.

Think about the direction you want your new home to face, and the areas of the home that will receive sunlight in cooler months, or where it will be hottest in the summer.

The North facing aspect will get plenty of sunlight, so consider what you want and need, and which parts of the home you want to be the brightest and warmest.