The Guide - First Home Buyers

Why build a new home?


It’s true, we love new homes and get excited by the whole process, and if you didn’t share in that excitement you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

There really are all sorts of awesome reasons for building a new home, and not only reasons, but rock-solid advantages too. We’re across them and we’re very much in favour of everyone increasing their knowledge base in this area, especially our young friends, the first home buyers.


Ok, are you ready for a bullet point summary of reasons to build a new home instead of buying a second-hand one? Here we go:

  • The best access for First Home Buyers ever
  • First Home Buyer grants in most states
  • Make your first home a dream home
  • The freedom to choose how and where you live
  • Building gives you complete control
  • That unbeatable ‘everything is brand new!’ feeling
  • Financial security
  • Less stamp duty

Now, let’s get into some details.

Customised for you

When you build a new home, you start from the ground and build up. That means you get to make a whole bunch of exciting decisions from the design and structure, to building materials, interior design themes and the colour of the paint. It’s all about you. It’s all for you. And that’s very exciting, and enjoyable. With a new home, you get to bring your style to life from the very beginning.

Get more for your money

The world is run by package deals these days, your phone, your internet connection, your TV streaming. There are always packages available and new home builders offer them too. That means you can get extra value and you’ll be able to make more choices with the upgrades that are most appealing to you. Packages upgrades on new homes include options on interiors, from benchtops and flooring to your appliances. So get ready to negotiate and find yourself an even better deal.

All shiny and new

A new home is exactly that - new! And that means everything! From the concrete slab, to the bricks, the light fittings, the paint, the appliances, the lawns and gardens. Everything is all shiny and new and walking into that brand new, completed home for the first time is a pretty special feeling. And that great feeling lasts for a long, long time. And when things are new, they don’t need repairs and maintenance, and most new homes will include warranties. So while your mates spend weekends doing DIY, you can kick back and smile at your brand new, low-maintenance new home.


More and more important for all new homes is energy efficiency. A good energy efficiency rating means you pay less in the long run to heat and cool your new home. That’s great news, and means more money in your wallet.