The Guide - Environmental

Some energy efficient intel for you


First base

Start your energy efficiency conversation with your builder. You can even find builders who specialise in sustainable homes.


The placement and orientation of your home on your block plays a major role in energy efficiency, and it’s not something that can be changed, so be sure to get it right in your plans.

Solar’s power

The roofs of our neighbourhoods feature more and more solar panels. That’s because these clever panels have the power to reduce power bills to a thing of the past for your household. Yes!

Goes the distance

Solar doesn’t have moving parts, so it lasts for a long, long time and requires little or no maintenance. That makes it an even better investment.

Passive solar smarts

This is very clever and offers some amazing ways to reduce the money you need to spend on heating and cooling. How? By using energy from the sun and the environment to warm and cool your home.

Put the sun to work

How great is this. You use your home to trap the heat from the sun, store it in high density walls, and it then releases naturally in the evenings to maintain a comfortable average temperature in your home.

Passive solar experts

There are plenty of architects and builders who specialise in passive solar technologies for new homes, so if sustainable smarts and lower power bills forever appeals to you, look them up.

Sustainable materials

Again, speak to your builder. There are so many options, and they start from the ground up. Ask for steel frames, sustainable timber, and windows and doors with a high energy saving specification. Small steps, big savings.