The Guide - Design

Design tips and useful bits


Home Design

This is going to be your new home. For your family and the way you live. Think carefully about that and what you need your new home to be.

The block comes first

Without land, you can’t build a new home. Think about the size and shape of your block, and how your new home will fit on it.

Plan your home

Start a draft builder’s plan yourself, it’s not that hard. Get online, download existing plans, get ideas and work out what you love, and your preferences for where your rooms go.

Open plan

Great for modern lives, especially in the living and dining areas. Open plan can create amazing views through your home, but it’s not for everyone.

More space

Make more space by aligning furniture with the longest lines in your rooms, and by maximising natural light.

Interior Design

Getting this right is possible, with consideration of balance, harmony, rhythm, emphasis and proportion when you position furniture and choose colours.

Fine Fixtures

To avoid being overwhelmed by the choices, set a narrow direction for yourself and stay within those boundaries when you enter the showrooms.

 Choosing colour

Remember, this is a process, not a single decision. Embrace that, experiment, take your time, and you can achieve wonderful colourful things in your home.