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2020 HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards

10th September 2020
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Sustainable homes recognised at Australian awards.

NSW sustainable builder Blue Eco Homesc woncfour awards atthe prestigious 2020cHousing Industry Association (HIA)Australian GreenSmart Awards announced today.

Blue Eco Homes won the highest accolade -the 2020 HIA Australian GreenSmart Home for their display home west of Sydney; with the home also being awarded the AustralianGreenSmart Display/Project Home.

The judges were impressed by the energy positive Sapphire display home, commenting “the home exceeds on all levels.”

“The home is completely airtight except for the front door key hole, and features highlight windows for abundant northern sunlight, lightly-hued polished concrete floors for thermal mass and high-performing uPVC aluminium-clad triple-glazed windows and doors,” the judges said.

HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards recognise the best in sustainable housing. Award winners and finalists make a positive difference to the environment by building energy efficient and comfortable homes.

Blue Eco Homes’ Joe Mercieca was acknowledged as the Australian GreenSmart Professional for being passionate about changing the way Australian homes are designed and constructed.

Blue Eco Homes also won GreenSmart Custom Built Home for an unusual home inspired by an upside-down Akubrahat, built to run completely off the grid.

Winners from around Australia were recognised for their contribution to sustainable building practices.

• Light House Architecture & Science and Indepth Building Solutions from ACT & Southern NSW won GreenSmart Renovation / Addition Project for a clever retrofit withinan existing footprint to bring the home from 3.6 to seven stars.

• Light House Architecture & Science and 360 Building Solutions from ACT & Southern NSW won GreenSmart Multi Dwelling Development for a solar passive intergenerational housing project built using locally manufactured materials. The duo also won GreenSmart Energy Efficiency for an 8.4 starrated 5-person household that consumes less energy than a one-person household in Canberra.

• Beaumont Building Design, Victoria won GreenSmart Sustainable Home. The compact, lightweight and low-maintenance design offers natural temperature regulation with north-facing orientation and strategically placed double-glazed windows.

• Nu-Rock Construction, NSW won GreenSmart Product for the Nu-Rock Building Block. The smart product with widespread potential in the building industry is primarily made from the by-products of powerplants.

In congratulating the winners, HIA Managing Director Graham Wolfe said HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards represent the latest in environmental design and sustainable building practices, and recognise HIA members who build and design greener and more liveable homes.

“HIA is committed to sustainable building outcomes, including environmentally focussed construction, innovation and design. The winners and finalists are leading the way in this field, including site management, energy saving techniquesand innovation, to build comfortable homes for their clients,” Mr Wolfe said.

“Each winner and finalist is congratulated for achieving success at a national level and demonstrating that comfort, security, innovation and value for money can co-exist in asustainable built environment. HIA members are up to the challenge.”

The HIA GreenSmart program began more than 20 years ago and is a voluntary initiative available to HIA members.

The 2020 HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards are partnered by InfraBuild Construction Solutions and Smart Wired.

Award winners were announced today on

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HIA Australian GreenSmart Home

HIA Australian GreenSmart Display/Project Home

Blue Eco Homes


HIA Australian GreenSmart Renovation / Addition Project

Light House Architecture & Scienceand

Indepth Building Solutions

ACT & Southern NSW

HIA Australian GreenSmart Custom Built Home

Blue Eco Homes


HIA Australian GreenSmart Sustainable Home

Beaumont Building Design


HIA Australian GreenSmart Multi Dwelling Development

Light House Architecture & Scienceand

360 Building Solutions

ACT & Southern NSW

HIA Australian GreenSmart Energy Efficiency

Light House Architecture & Scienceand

360 Building Solutions

ACT & Southern NSW

HIA Australian GreenSmart Product

Nu-Rock Construction for Nu-Rock Building Block


HIA Australian GreenSmart Professional

Joe Mercieca for Blue Eco Homes