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Shelford Homes: Top design trends for new homes

13th March 2020

We were lucky enough to hear from Shelford Quality Homes interior and architecture designer Rui Rosa about his insights on the top style trends for this year and how you can make it work in your home. 


It’s all about natural tones! When selecting your colour palette, go for warm neutrals and muted pastels with some subtle metallic accents. Not only are neutrals in style at the moment but they will also help you create a timeless look in your home. Think dusty pink, terracotta, and clay-based neutrals like creams and soft grey undertones. Creating a calming environment in your home allowing you to relax in your personal sanctuary. 


Tie your textiles in with your natural theme by incorporating overstated layering, linens and fibrous fabrics, such as chunky knits. Complete your look with a throw rug on the bed or couch as well as some stylish linen cushions for a soft touch. If you want to add a little more texture velvets are making a comeback, with rich tones such as navy, dust pink and forest green which can be used to add a sense of luxury to the home. 


The most important feature in your new kitchen should be its seamless design allowing you to make efficient use of the space. This includes kitchen appliances such as cooktops microwaves ovens in the cabinetry and range hoods out of sight. We expect to see a lot more fully integrated pantries or scullery areas in 2020.

Flooring and Wall Tiles 

Basic flooring is a thing of the past, stressed timber, concrete and earthy tones in tables and marble and right on-trend. If you’re into the vintage look terrazzo is making a comeback which was made popular in the 70s. Similar to polished concrete, terrazzo traditionally consists of chips of rock, shells, marble, quartz, glass and boded into cement. 


Greeny has been a consistent design trend over the past few years and it’s here to stay! Get in touch with nature by adding green leafy plants, palm leaf patterns and flower arrangements to your indoor and outdoor styling. 


When it comes to furniture keep things simple but striking, with natural tones and accents. We have also seen a comeback in eclectic bohemian vibes. Play around with textured fabrics like velvet and mix in tribal and geometric patterns. If you are not sure where to start, cane furniture is a great way to achieve this look with its smooth curves and texture style. 


The one design feature we can’t get enough of at the moment is coloured tapware. It’s amazing how changing this feature can create a bold and stylish statement. Consider moving away from the standard stainless look for chrome, black, gunmetal grey and brushed nickel. 

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