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How To Create A French Country Style Home

4th September 2019
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When asked to envision the beauty of the French countryside, one pictures sweeping fields of lavender and elegant simplicity. While the French Country style is an eclectic accumulation of warm colours, natural finishes, and decorative fabrics, the style itself is an alluring vision of rustic charm.


Subtle yet warm, the colour palette of the French Country style home stands in direct opposition to the monochromatic style of modern interior design. Neutral in style, the French Country aesthetic relies on gentle hues which radiate warmth, like creams and soft yellows. While accent colours hark to traditional French country roots.

The subtle warmth lends itself to a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The use of rust and antique white taking centre stage injecting a sense of history into the elegant design through its colour scheme. 


Each room is complete with traditional-style furniture, harking back to the simplicity of rural France. Natural materials with distressed finishes are preferred, while sophisticated woodwork aims to enhance the serene atmosphere in its elegant simplicity. Complementing its cosy design, upholstery and plush cushioning is a must for the superior comfort experience. 

Distressed finishes

A vision of French tradition, the French Country style home must pay respect to the wealth of its history. Paying tribute to its nostalgic past, weathered finishes are to be embraced. Imperfect flooring, distressed furniture, and decorative architectural features like exposed beams are all a must, exposing the raw beauty of its simple design. Employ antique furniture to bring a profound sense of history to life truly. Second-hand stores are a treasure trove of antique finds, making for the perfect shopping destination for the aspiring French Country designer. 


Architectural features that embody beauty in its purest form are at the heart of this interior style. Stone walls and raw wood finishes, distressed ceiling beams and imperfect timber define its old-world charm. Naturally, no French Country style home could call itself complete without an armoire, preferably in antique white to truly reflect the character of this style.

A dining table with a low-sheen finish is essential, complete with carved details and unique accent chairs for the final touch. Deep-set window sills with rustic shutters are quintessential, enveloped by sprawling vines for a genuinely French provincial feel.

Old World Charm

No home is complete without the personalised touches, best done with accessorisation. Toile is an obvious choice, embodying the French country design in its floral pattern. Whether you incorporate it in your upholstery or, for something more non-committal, in blankets and throw pillows, toile is best accompanied by solid colours. For the braver amongst us, try mixing it with other floral or gingham patterns. To complete the rustic visage, think chandeliers, decorative mirrors, and large wall clocks, each of which must continue the distressed style. 

A vision of rural French beauty, the French Country style home is perfect for those with a passion for history and a love of the old-world. Defining elegance in its simple design, French Country creates a unique ambience of warmth and comfort that rivals the sleekest of modern homes.