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How to keep your home cool in summer?

14th August 2019

Summer is arguably the best time of the year – the Sun is out all the time, the heat is terrific, you can hit the beach whenever you want, and the days last much longer. However, that same heat can sometimes drive us crazy. Cooling off at the beach or swimming pool can be a great pass time, but stewing in a hot box of an apartment or house isn’t as fun. So, the age-old summer question – how to keep cool in your house? Besides getting a sound AC system in place, below you can find some tips on how to stay cool during the summer days in your home.

Put an ice bucket near your fan

If you don’t have the funds, or just the possibility, of installing an air-conditioning system in your house, know that you can set up an old-school AC. We are talking, of course, about getting a fan and an ice bucket. Not only is it a great way to cool off, but it’s also a great way to save money on your bills. Just get some ice, slightly tilt it away from the fan, and turn the latter on. The air bouncing of the bucket will cool the room you are in nicely.

Instead of starting up your AC and cooling down the entire house, you can use this system and cool down any room in your home.

Get some blackout curtains and blinds

A great deal of heat enters a home through your windows. Now, this doesn't just happen when you keep them open. But it also occurs when the sun heats the glass and a part of your home through the window. You want to avoid this, and an excellent way to do it is to get some substantial blackout curtains or blinds. Of course, regular curtains are good too, but specialised blackout curtains or window awnings from a reputable brand, like Oztech for example, are made from unique materials that don’t absorb much heat or let a lot of light go through. After all, you won’t need to cool the place down if you don’t let the heat in.

Keep your windows open overnight

The days are of course, hot, but it’s most likely that things will cool down during the night. We suggest you take advantage of this temperature change and keep your windows (and doors?) open overnight. Allowing some cold, fresh air in, and get some of that hot air out. Now, mosquitos and bugs are an ever-present problem here, so we suggest you install some screen as soon as possible.

Change your light bulbs

You’d be surprised how many light bulbs can heat your home. Almost ninety per cent of the energy generated by light bulbs is turned into heat, instead of producing extra light, making them rather hot. So, we suggest you replace these with CFLs or any other type of incandescent light. These will generate less heat, won’t make your home as hot as it could be, and will help you save up on your energy bill. 

Minimise your cooking

Using the stove or ovens will heat your home, this is all well and good in the middle of the winter but in the summer months its pure torture. So, we suggest you do a couple of things. If at all possible, cook outside, on a grill, or maybe cook in the evenings. Creating meals that last for a couple of days, that only need to be reheated, can help minimise the heat in your house or apartment. Furthermore, try not to use the oven at all, but rather, make quick meals that need just 10 to 30 minutes of cook time. Things like stir-fries, or any food you put in a wok or a pan.

Get some vegetation going

You will get excellent benefits that aren’t just centred around, keeping your home fresh. Namely, we suggest you work on your garden and plant some trees. You will get a beautiful garden and clean, fresh air, all the while lowering the impact you have on the environment. 

Namely, tree foliage blocks a great deal of solar radiation, as well as taking in CO and letting out oxygen and water vapour. Of course, it can take a while for these to grow, but it’s worth it. And if you can afford it, getting a tree directly transplanted can do wonders as well.

Keeping your home fresh in the summer is a must. No matter how beautiful the summer months are, you won’t enjoy them much if you’re melting in your house. So, we suggest you do everything you can to cool off. Of course, an AC is most people’s first choice, but there are other options out there.

Plant some trees and plants around your home, use curtains and awnings, and invest in better light bulbs. Or you can do it the old-school way and keep your windows open overnight, and use a fan and a bucket of ice.

Now it's time to cool off and enjoy those summer months!