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How to Get Rid of Unpleasant Odours from Your Sink

4th July 2019

Just because the kitchen is the place where you prepare and consume food doesn't mean you need to put up the lingering odour of leftovers. A fragrant kitchen is more than an achievable goal for every household. The presence of a stench from the sink is, therefore, a clear sign that something is not right. If unpleasant odors are spreading through your kitchen, it is high time you do something about them. If you are wondering how to get rid of these unpleasant smells, here is a short guide that will help you get rid of the odour once and for all!

The trick with vinegar

If you're a fan of homemade cleaning solutions, then you have probably already used vinegar. Well, it isn't only miraculous for carpets and hardwood floors, as it can clean the sink as well. You have to pour it into small cups (muffin ones will do), add slices of lemon to it and freeze it overnight. Of course, you have to add some distilled water for the “cleaner” to harden better. Once the vinegar/ice cubes are ready, you can pour a low stream of water over them, so they are distributed evenly through the sink. Besides, you can put the cubes in the garbage disposal as well to enhance the effect.

The omnipotent baking soda

Another universal ingredient for homemade cleaners is baking soda. The preparation is similar to the ones we just described when cleaning using vinegar. Mix baking soda with lemon and pour it down the drain. As you have noticed by now, lemon juice is part of most cleaning solutions because it leaves a pleasant after-smell. Admittedly, the price of lemon has soared over the past couple of decades, but you won't need more than a single fruit, while you can use the rest to make refreshing lemonade. 

Smells are gone forever

Everything we have listed so far promises to clean your kitchen sink instantly. However, the smell might come back after a few days, so you need a long-lasting solution and not to buy a new kitchen. Again, baking soda is the right way to go. Instead of mixing it with other substances and pouring it down the drain, try to sprinkle it all over the sink now and then.

Homeowners use baking soda to absorb the nasty smell coming from the fridge, but the principle is the same when it comes to the kitchen sink. The trick is to perform this action regularly, at least once a week or ideally, after every washing of the dishes. If you are going to be away from your home for a prolonged period, then definitely sprinkle baking soda over the sink. The low selling price of baking soda bags makes this cleaner perfect for the upkeep of the sink in the long run.

Professional help

The cleaning solution we list should do the trick just fine, but if the smell is recurrent, then you have a bigger problem. Perhaps there is something wrong with the plumbing inside your house so all the vinegar and baking soda in the world cannot solve the problem. In this case, hire local plumbing services to get to the bottom of the problem, quite literally. They have probes that can test the pipes that you wouldn't usually have access to. In some cases, there could be a leak underneath the house or underground that is far more dangerous than an unpleasant smell. A kitchen that reeks can potentially be a signal that there is something structurally wrong with your house plumbing.

What if the odour is trapped?

It might seem like a silly thing to state, but in some cases, odours might get "trapped" inside the pipes. Before you call the plumber, you can test the sink for yourself. If you possess enough skill, remove the J-shaped pipe directly underneath the sink to inspect it for any debris. A food clog that is causing the nasty smell to appear could result in flooding if it grows in size.

To unclog the sink on your own, turn both the hot and cold water valves, placing a bucket underneath the sink. Secondly, you will need a power-pressure hose, like the one you have in the garden, to rinse the sink drain. This will remove some of the pileup, while the rest you have to extract manually. Get some sturdy rubber gloves and try to dislodge any muck that still might be stuck in the pipe. Of course, this will instantly make the smell worse. In case this scenario doesn't fit your nostrils, the local plumbing services will perform this task on your behalf.

The most important thing that you have to know about getting rid of nasty sink odours is that you don't have to buy expensive chemicals. The two most essential ingredients are vinegar and baking soda, which should do the trick in most cases. However, if the smell is persistent, then calling the plumber seems like a reasonable course of action to take.