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How To Create A Scandinavian Style Home

26th June 2019

Whenever someone says "Scandinavian style", most of us envision Ikea's flat-packed furniture and the nightmarish process of putting it together. While this is definitely accurate, there's a lot more to the Scandi style than the never-ending maze that is the shopper's paradise of Ikea. From calming, muted tones to an emphasis on form and function, the Scandi style is one to note, so we've decided to put together a neat how-to guide for your next Scandinavian design makeover!

First things first, lighting. Scandinavia is not as fortunate as us when it comes to natural sunlight, so they've adapted their interior designs to reflect as much light as possible. Think whites and soft greys with gentle blue and green hues, as well as carefully planned artificial lighting schemes. From dimmable LED lights to tables lamps, layered lighting is vital. When creating the Scandi style in your home, try to utilise as many different forms of lighting as possible, as each contributes to the intimate mood and atmosphere that makes Scandi homes so universally liked. This may include wall lights for mood lightings, or floor and table lamps for ambience. Whatever it may be, creating a layered lighting scheme is the way to go. 

Next comes the colour palette, one that should mainly comprise of white, white, and white. Thankfully, the Scandi colour palette also features soft greys, gentle duck egg blues and greens to offset that clinical feel an all-white environment can have. When using greys, however, don't forget to research its underlying colours (as you should do with all colours) to ensure it matches your other colour choices. Go for a very neutral shade, with slight variations in colour to be used as a means of contrast. For example, light grey walls can be complemented by a crisp, white trim, or a bolder accent colour. Just ensure that your base colour is a shade of white of some sort, then you're good to go! For the lovers of contrast amongst you, neutral black is your best friend. Think black photo frames against white walls and grey furniture.

Just like lighting, the Scandinavian home design is all about layers, meaning that these layers need to be created to contrast with its neutral colour scheme. What better way to do this than through natural finishes? Natural stone or timber is the way to go for flooring, as well as rugs made from natural fibres such as hemp, sisal, and wool. For the cooler months, think wool throws and fluffy cushions - the ultimate way to combine comfort and style. Our personal favourite is the cable knit throw blankets, the perfect winter home accessory.

One of the critical elements of the Scandi style is its elegant simplicity. Over-decorating is not a thing, nor should it be. With its emphasis on clean lines and straightforward joinery, it's more important than ever that good workmanship is employed in the furniture design. Furniture and decorations are considered beautiful on the grounds of their simplicity, meaning quality craft is an absolute must, meaning that the style is an expensive one to adopt, paying for quality and sophisticated artistry, but it guarantees the longevity of the pieces you choose to purchase. 

Now for the best part: statement pieces. Against the calming, neutral colour palette of Scandi design, statement pieces are provided with a unique opportunity to shine not typically afforded to them with other styles. Rather than cramming your furniture into a confined space, focus on the inclusion of one of two statement items. Think egg chairs and unique lighting fixtures, funky lamps in a natural finish or an indoor hanging chair. Whatever it is, make it something you love because it will be the first thing your eyes are drawn to every time you enter the room. 

Et voila! The ultimate guide to recreating the Scandinavian style in your own home. You're welcome.