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Choosing a Corner Block: Pros and Cons

20th May 2019
Choosing a Corner Block Pros and Cons

Building a new home comes with many different choices but before you get caught up in the design make sure you pick the best block of land for you. While choosing which estate to reside in is a fundamental decision so is determining which lot to purchase. Blocks of land are not one size fits all, and you have many things to consider like block size, site work costs, area or street frontage, to name a few.

Before you make your final decision make a list and go through the pros and cons of purchasing a corner block, to make it a little easy we've put together our most important points when deciding if a corner block is right for you.

Two Street Facades

Pro: Having two street facades means a lot more of your house will be on display. This can be great if you want to show off your house design especially if you've gone with a custom option. The large canvas will allow you to showcase your style and present a beautiful home to the public.

Con: Don't forget though that instead of having one street-facing facade, you now have two. If you're on a budget or not going for a custom option this can add a considerable amount to your construction cost meaning you may have to sacrifice other elements in your home to ensure you don’t break the budget.

Large Front Yard

Pro: If you are a garden lover this may be perfect for you. It will allow you to have more space to showcase your beautifully maintained garden.

Con: If you prefer a more low maintenance garden don't forget that more space means more work. It can also get expensive as it means more lawn, plants, landscaping, sprinklers heads, water and landscaping. Also, if you're a low maintenance garden lover, you’ll be more likely to pay for a lawn service which will be an additional monthly expense.

Multiple Access Points

Pro: Provided you abide local laws, having a corner block allows you to choose where you locate your drive, garage and front door giving you greater flexibility in design. Another great bonus of having two access points means you can use two separate addresses adding a professional touch for people who run a business for home. Allowing any clients that may need to visit for business to enter through the side entrance rather than in your personal living space or mail being sent to your personal address.

Con: Be prepared for delivery workers, friends, family and (sometimes) even yourself to get confused about the address. Whether you decide to go with one address or two, it always adds a little confusion on a corner block.

Traffic and Noise

Con: More street frontage means more noise! While this may not be a problem in most new estates if you are looking to build on a main road or a more built-up area it can become very noisy especially at night.

Pro: Having a corner block give you extra street parking for family and friends - even if they are the ones making the noise.

Light Pollution

Pro: Choosing the right design and installing the right blinds or shades will allow you to utilise light natural light and reduce unwanted light from street lights or cars.

Con: Light posts are generally placed on street corners meaning it may be difficult to hide even with a smart design. Not to mention, cars are more likely to park on street corners leaving glazing headlights poking through your window at night.

Opportunity for Future Investment

Pro: If you plan to stay in your new home long-term a corner block is an excellent choice, as it gives you the option to easily subdivide your property or backyard when you are ready to downsize. You'll want to check with your council before purchasing the land to be sure this is even an option. Building a second home will allow you to cash in on your land but still live in the area you love.

Con: By subdividing, you'll either lose your backyard or have to knock down your entire house for a demolish and rebuild project. However, if you were already going to downsize this shouldn't be an issue.

Corner blocks have many advantages but aren't suited to everyone make sure you have thought of all the small details before you commit.