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How to Create a Multifunctional Spare Room

16th May 2019

With the size of blocks rapidly decreasing, so are the number of bedrooms inside, you have enough rooms for everyone in your family, but what about when you have guests? It's a wonderful feeling being able to give guests a beautiful place to stay in overnight, but guest bedrooms will not be used all the time, so to make good use out of the space by adding another practical application for the room such as study nook or library.

When designing a guest bedroom, the first thing to do is think about what is currently missing from your home and work from there. In houses with limited space, there might be many options for a multifunctional room; the hard part is deciding the best choice for your family. We've put together our favourite options for multi-purpose rooms, so you don't have to.

Create a Study or Home Office

If you need to get work done at home, it can quickly get disruptive and unorganised. Having a separate workspace will give you some peace and quiet while also increasing your productivity. Adding a study to a spare room still looks neat for your guests, while in-built wardrobes can double as storage for visitors and office supplies leaving the room clutter free.

Set Up a Kids Playroom

Families with small children could benefit from having a separate play space for the kids, especially if your home only has one living room. Adding a play space for kids has many benefits; it will lower the noise in other areas of the house, keep the mess at bay and gives children the freedom to play outside their bedroom. Including lots of storage for toys like buckets and draws is essential to combine the play area and guest space seamlessly.

Install a Mini Library

Not only could a mini library be a great inclusion to your home, but it also looks sophisticated and makes an excellent sitting area for guests to relax. A mini library is an effortless space. To create all you need is a couple of books shelves, your favourite books, and a comfortable chair.

Enjoy a Second Living Room

Having a smaller second living room will give family members a place to read a book, watch a movie or relax in their own space without being stuck in the bedroom. If the second living area has limited seating, make sure the main living space has enough room for everyone in your family, so you still have the option to hang out together.

Make Room to Exercise

It's always hard to find time to exercise, and gym memberships can get expensive. Take advantage of at home workout plans and deck your spare room out with some essential exercise gear so you can get fit in rain or shine.

Remember the most critical part of a multi-functional room is making smart use of the space, only go ahead with the transformation if members of the family will frequently use it. At the end of the day, no one knows what will work for your lifestyle better than you.