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Go Native: The Best Way to Achieve a Low Maintenance Garden

11th April 2019
1 Wattle
2 Pigface
3 Cymbidium Boat Orchid
4 Hibiscus
5 Teatree

There is nothing better than having a beautiful garden, but if you don't have the time to tend to it every day you may need to opt for some low maintenance options. The best way to ensure your garden is low maintenance is to find plants that naturally suit their environment, can stand harsh weather conditions and don't need to be watered frequently, so it only makes sense that your best option is to go native.

Whether you're planning on transforming your garden or just trying to find some new additions, this guide will help you turn your space into a low maintenance oasis.

Acacia (Wattle)

The wattle might be Australia's favourite flower, and it's most famous for being the country's official floral emblem. With 1,200 different species of acacia around Australia, they can grow in any condition from the windy coast to the dry desert. They are easy to grow, and don't require much water. Plus, if you are starting your garden from scratch, they are a great option as they grow fast.

Carpobrotus (Pigface)

If you're looking for a beautiful flowering plant that also tastes great the pigface is for you. Growing well in sandy soil and tolerant of salt spray pigface is perfect for coastal gardens. They are easy to grow but prefer to be watered regularly and planted in an open sunny space. Pigface's succulent leaves have a light, sweet, salty taste and add a unique flavour to meat dishes with a similar taste to fresh figs or strawberries.

Cymbidium (Boat Orchid)

Growing orchids should generally be left to the expert gardeners, but if you do want to give them a go the boat orchid is for you. They are easy to grow and only required moderate watering. Being drought-tolerant means they can be pretty hard to kill, but of course still, need some love and attention. Boat orchids are sun-lovers so they should be kept in a partially shaded location where they can even catch the morning sun. These are the ideal plants to feature in a hanging basket.


Hibiscus is available in many different colours making them a great option to brighten up your garden. If you are a bit of an animal lover, have a look for varieties of hibiscus that attract native animals near you including honeyeaters, lorikeets and butterflies. Hibiscus are best suited to garden beds, are easy to grow and require moderate watering. Gaining popularity as they are fast growing and long flowering.  

Leptospermum (Teatree)

If you love having cut flowers in your home Teatree makes a great option. Flowers growing in white or pale pink during spring and summer. The flowers have a pleasing appearance and a produced in abundance attracting bees and butterflies. Teatree is easy to grow, needs infrequent watering and grows quickly. It's great for new home builders as it grows compact and tall (about 3m high) making it great for screening.

Now you have some great ideas to create the perfect low-maintenance garden all that's left is to find a hammock and a good book!