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Termishine: A Unique Flooring Alternative

6th February 2019
1Termishine - 3 Polished Concrete look
Termishine - 4 Metallic
Termishine 3 - Flake Finish
Termishine - 2 Flake Garage Floor
Termishine 5 - Flake Finish

Let's face it - flooring is often a detail that gets overlooked, but having the right floors throughout your home makes an enormous difference. When you are selecting the right flooring option for you, there are many different factors to consider including price, style, uniqueness, durability and maintenance.

Now, what if we told you it possible to achieve all of these ideal factors in just one product? Termishine is an innovative trend shaking up the new homes market.

What is Termishine?

Termishine is a concrete flooring system giving you a seamless high-end finish you would expect in luxury homes. It makes a great alternative to tiles, floorboards, vinyl or carpet. Each floor is unique giving you that designer look on a first home buyer budget.

We are really excited to be able to offer this amazing product to the new homes market.

- Tony Hyams, Business Development Manager, Termi Home & Commercial.

Huge Variety of Colours and Finishes

Probably the most attractive Termishine feature is how unique and customisable it is. Available in many different finishes and colours including solid colours, metallic appearance, polish concrete look, stone look and flake finishes. Each floor is laid by hand, so you have a design that's truly unique.

Wow, Oh my God… Just amazing!

– Home Buyers Centre Client.

Internal and External Applications

Epoxy flooring is a functional and resilient option for residential, industrial and commercial premises. It can be used for indoor living areas, office spaces, garages and showrooms, and using sealer applications makes it an excellent option for entertaining outdoor areas or around pools.

Easy Cleaning & Low Maintenance

Another great thing about Termishine floors is their ease of cleaning and low maintenance giving you time to spend doing the things you actually enjoy.

For instance, spills won't penetrate the surface and wipe off easily. Unlike tiles, there are no grout lines to get dirty, and we all know how hard it is to clean grout.

They won't show marks like carpet and won't fade like floorboards.

Termishine floors not only keep their great looks for years to come but they are a practical, stylish and affordable alternative to traditional flooring.

Termishine is a division of Termi Home & Commercial and presently available through their Perth, Toowoomba and North Coast NSW service centres.

For more information on the range of designer, floor finishes Termishine can provide, visit