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Refined Edge: Wabi-Sabi Inspired Wembley Downs Home

9th January 2019

Refined Edge worked closely with their clients and architect to achieve a unique architectural design for this wabi-sabi inspired private residence in Wembley Downs.

Refined Edge's process of building and design begins by gaining a unique understanding of the clients needs and lifestyle. Ensuring every design represents a combination of imagination, data, innovation, logic and systemic reasoning to create something new. Refined Edge's bespoke residential designs contrast with the common mass-produced symmetry of housing designs.

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy, which helps us see aesthetics in a whole new way. Originating from Zen Buddhism and the Japanese tea ceremony, Wabi-sabi teaches us that everything in nature is impermanent, imperfect and incomplete. Therefore, imperfection is the natural state of all things, including ourselves. This allows us to take the pressure off trying to find perfection and frees us up to relax and experience life just as it is.

Wabi-Sabi inspired home is a peaceful place that nourishes family life and welcomes guests in a relaxed space. This concept involves decluttering and beautifying without the perfectionist tendencies of strict minimalism. With its simplicity, Wabi-sabi focuses on elegant craftsmanship, in the use of natural materials, in rough edges, in imperfect glazes, even in flaws and in negative spaces.

Innovative architectural design must be able to stand the test of time.

- Refined Edge Homes

The team looked at architectural trends in residential design, acknowledging the increasing use of organic forms, curves of house facades, natural materials like brickwork and rammed earth and timbers. Other trends include earthy colours, smaller homes, provision for multigenerational living, the inclusion of preparation kitchens or large sculleries, smart buildings involving the use of wireless technologies and the adoption of new construction methods with both hybrid construction materials and the repurposing of recycled materials.

Are you still searching for a custom home builder who can bring your ideas to life? Refined Edge by Brian Burke Homes provides the highest standard of customer service to their clients while offering innovative and design-focused custom built homes backed with exceptional build quality. Refined Edge are not a volume builder, and this gives them an advantage as they can focus on each client's individual needs. Each home built by Refined Edge offers superior design, inclusions and specifications of a high-end build alongside great value for money.

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