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Demolition and Rebuild: A New Home Doesn't Need A New Block

17th December 2018

If you love where you live, but your house is in need of a major upgrade, why not make a fresh start at the same address? These days, finding your desired block of land in your dream location can be near impossible, and that's why more people are choosing to knock down their existing home instead. Deciding to knock down your home will relieve the stress of trying to renovate over existing damage or move from the area entirely.  

Most people believe that demolish and rebuild projects are the more expensive option. The fact is, they can be cheaper, easier, and more convenient than renovations. Let's take a close look into why demolition could be your best option.

Demolition isn't as expensive as you think

It's often believed that renovating or moving into a new home is much more cost effective than a knockdown and rebuild, but this isn't always the case. Restoring your home may require extensive structural changes to ensure up to date living and safety standards, not to mention other renovation issues such as plumbing and wiring. Maintaining an older home can be expensive while investing in a new home can save you time and money in the long run.

Save the cost of settlement fees and stamp duty

If you purchase another house or an empty lot, there will be many extra charges to consider including stamp duty, taxes, real estate agent fees, advertising, and repairs.

Build time is the quickest it has ever been

One of the significant costs involved with a knockdown and rebuild project is relocating while building your home. In Perth, once your existing house is getting demolished, it takes an average of 26 weeks from when the concrete slab is poured. With a quick build time, you can save thousands in extra accommodation costs.

Opportunity to sell off the vacant portion of the site

Some zoning areas permit more than one dwelling so you could rebuild and sell off the empty part of the site, providing you with extra funds to invest in your knockdown and rebuild project.

If you're considering a demolish and build project we've put together a few tips to help you get started.

1. Check the zoning of your property online using the Local Authorities IntraMaps facility

InMaps Public is a web-based information space that allows the general public to access spatial and business data. Residents can access interactive maps from their council's website for information on facilities, services, planning and zoning details, and to find local topographical information. Using this tool is an excellent first step before you apply for any building or zoning changing permits.

2. Setbacks are less restricted for property owners

Ever noticed that older style homes tend to have a large front yard or driveway? Setbacks are building restrictions faced by property owners, and they refer to the distance from a structure-property line or curb within which building is prohibited. Over time, local governments have become less strict on setback distance. This allows you to build a bigger home on the same sized block without breaking any zoning or building laws.

3. Plan and get approvals before demolition to minimise temporary accommodation

Before you start demolishing your existing home, make sure you have the correct permissions or your build time could significantly increase.  A planning approval lasts two years, and the planning approval process involves the assessment of a proposal to use or develop the land. The planning process is mostly concerned with the impact of proposed use or development upon neighbouring land. Whereas a building permit is valid for one year and is issued to signify that the plans and documentation for the proposed building works meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

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