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Creating the Ultimate Home Theatre Room

27th November 2018

Getting that gigantic flat-screen TV for Christmas, or have an extra room that’s not being used properly? We present to you the room you never knew you needed - the small home theatre! 

In an age where streaming devices have unplugged the TV set and vacated the lounge, bring the family back together and explore the hoard of DVDs collecting dust on the shelf - or simply get the most out of your Netflix subscription and make movie nights great again! We are spoiled for choice these days with what to watch, so instead channel your energy into how you spend your quality viewing time.

Whether you plan to pull out all the stops on your home theatre system, or are just looking for the best theatre room ideas on a budget, here are a few design essentials to guide your setup planning.

Lighting control

Ambient lighting goes a long way. Lighting has the potential to create a cosy atmosphere, or ruin the mood completely.

Filmmakers go through great pains to use lighting to establish the mood on-screen, so it would be a shame to undo the artful work with bad fluorescent lighting. Go for warm-toned lighting, and dimming lights can do wonders to enhance the experience of a theatre room.

Lighting design also involves the darker elements - i.e. the walls. It’s important to minimise light bouncing off the walls and ceiling, so finding a dark yet stylish paint is a must. If you’re keen to get fancy, install a stunning Star Light feature ceiling with LED lighting.

It’s an exciting way to elevate the level of luxury in one step, which will gloriously set the mood.

Choice of seating

Telly-neck is a serious condition, so approach this step carefully! Soft, cushiony seats double up as a sound-absorber, and are much better than hard, reflective furniture that will affect your comfort levels. If you are set on building ascending levels for seating, a 6-inch boost should be enough to overcome viewing obstructions.

One way around level flooring, whilst upgrading your seating to gold-class, is to go with reclining chairs. Recliner chairs can be easily sourced from your local specialist stores such as Harvey Norman. For those inclined towards a cheaper alternative, you’ll be surprised at the specialised cinema seats for sale on Gumtree.

Optimising sound acoustics

Providing an acoustic treatment to your home theatre is the secret to bringing the authentic cinema experience to your home, and blocking unwanted noises from outside. You may want to install acoustic panels or diffusers, but there are other affordable options that you can use in conjunction.

The key is to limit sound bouncing off the walls, so draperies and other soft materials can do the trick. Thick curtains not only look luxurious and provide an instant association with theatres - they are used to block and absorb sound! Just make sure that these added fabrics are as dark as you can source, as you would not want to counteract the effect of your dark walls.

No more straining your neck to watch your laptop in bed - gift yourself and the family the DIY home theatre room you all deserve!