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The spring guide to redefining your backyard

24th September 2018

Spring is here and the birds are singing!

However, reality can hit when you come to grips with your neglected backyard after a long winter. Why not take your spring cleaning marathon outdoors and create a backyard you can marvel proudly at?

Step 1: Freeing up your space

This is when you need to be the most realistic.

If you know deep down that your backyard serves as more of a crazy storage unit than a space to enjoy, make a clear checklist of what needs to go! If you have chairs collecting cobwebs or some fishing gear in your shed that you haven’t used in years, it’s time for them to be rehomed.

Remember, there’s a reason why certain areas or equipment in your backyard have been neglected.

Step 2: Priming your garden

Following the grand cleanup, it’s essential to get your landscaping worries out of the way. Whether you choose to engage a professional or roll up your own sleeves, you’ll want to prioritise the following:

  • Mowing your lawn
  • Fertilising your garden bed (with mulch, compost or manure)
  • Trimming and pruning worn bushes and shrubs
  • Removing any weeds, litter and dead plant debris
  • Pest control

Step 3: Redefine its purpose

Once the undesired clutter is gone, ask yourself this: does my backyard need redefining?

The key to maximising any space is to first establish its purpose. Perhaps your needs have evolved over the years – maybe you’re working from more from home or you’ve adopted a new pet. Where pets and children are involved, it may be a good idea to designate a play area to your little ones.

For the entertainers of the house, this is the perfect opportunity to make the outdoors your own! Take your alfresco to town with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, pizza oven, fireplace or barbecue.

If you’d like to make the most of the nice weather while it lasts, consider including an outdoor table where you can set up your laptop or enjoy your morning coffee.

If the idea of year-round entertaining appeals to you, beat the elements with some shelter. Pergolas, outdoor blinds and covered patios can shield you from the harsh wind, rain and sun all year long.

Once you’ve figured out your new vision, the next stage is to activate areas in your backyard with recreational zones.

If you fancy yourself as a fitness junkie, you can transform free space into your own active exercise zone. Create your own basketball court with a quick paving job and the installation of a basketball stand. Alternatively, why not invest in some timber decking to lay down your mat for some daily morning yoga? It’s all about finding out what aspects of your life can be made better with your new, tidy backyard.

Step 4: Personalise away!

Here comes the fun part: personalising your rejuvenated space with new seating, furniture, and even lights. Fall back in love with your backyard!

Keep the colour scheme simple and understated with matching neutrals – or, get quirky by mixing various patterns and textures. The creativity is in your hands, so start thinking out of the box.

The final touch? Create a centrepiece with your favourite seasonal flowers, and unveil your new backyard to family, neighbours and friends!