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How to Build a Future-Proof Home - Riverstone Custom Homes

29th August 2018
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Where will you be in 10 or 20 years? Maybe you envision yourself with a bigger family, more pets, or working from home?

Renovating or selling your home can be a stressful endeavour, which is why it’s imperative to think about the future when designing your home, to ensure it has the capacity to grow with you and live up to your big plans.

Without taking your future into consideration, you may find yourself needing to upgrade more quickly than anticipated.

Riverstone Custom Homes are focused on building future-proof homes for Perth families. They share with us their tips on creating homes you can love for a lifetime.

It is important for our clients to feel just as comfortable in their home 20 in years as they do on the first night. Through careful planning and quality construction, Riverstone provides this in every custom home.

Don’t Skimp on Storage

Storage is one aspect you can’t afford to overlook if you’re building a future-focused home. No matter how minimalist your tastes may be, sentimental possessions and clutter is inevitable, especially if you have children.

You shouldn't have to choose between a cluttered home and throwing away your hard-earned “stuff”, so many sure you’ve designed enough space to store what is collected over a busy lifetime.

By looking to the future when building, we can provide stylish built-in solutions that will ensure your family, and their possessions, never outgrow your home.

Timeless Elegance

The Hamptons style is the perfect go-to for a timelessly elegant home. Categorized by classic silhouettes, timber accents, rendered brickwork, and light, neutral colour palettes, the designs are easily renewed every five or ten years to look modern and fresh.

The emphasis on bright whites, natural textures and open, breezy atmospheres ensures it will blend seamlessly with many styles as new trends evolve.

Focus on Quality

High quality finishes will never go out of style.

The long-term appearance and durability of your home will boil down to two factors - the quality of the materials and workmanship that has gone into building it.

For example, a cheaper timber floor alternative may save you dollars on the short term, but at what cost? While cheaper flooring may have the same effect when it is initially laid, as time goes on you will notice a significant disparity between quality, and you may end up regretting your cost-cutting decisions.

When you invest in high-quality finishings, regular wear and tear won’t be so obvious.

Using high quality finishings while building will save you money in the long run.

When building your home, it's important to design a home that has the ability to grow with you.

Chat to Riverstone Custom Homes today about building your future-proof home. As a Perth family owned-and-run business, they have earned an outstanding reputation for design, quality, value and service. They can even provide you with accurate 3D design proposals in the concept stage, which allow you to more easily see and understand the design.

Their expert team will make sure you are able to enjoy every minute of living in a Riverstone Home. Take a look at their custom and display homes for more house inspiration at

Our goal when building a family's new home is to create a space they will love, and call home for decades. Planning is imperative when building a futureproof home, and this is where our Building and Design consultants come in.

- Riverstone Custom Homes