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Beautifying Your First Home on a Budget

24th August 2018

Dreaming about those gorgeous homewares? Does your heart say ‘Yes!’, but your bank account says ‘no’? Boo!

We all have to face the financial realities, so let’s look at some ideas on how to create a beautiful abode without breaking the bank.

Decorating a new home is challenging enough on its own, but when it comes to really personalising your home to suit your dream design ideas, it’s all too easy to go down a spending spiral.

Here are some tips to help you beautify your home on a budget.

Savvy shopping

Trust me, the bargains are out there waiting for you! Before you act on impulse and spend a fortune on a name-brand, or a more obvious retail destination, take the time to ask yourself - can I get a similar item for less, somewhere else, or even second hand?

If you’re looking for little trinkets and pieces to adorn your home, it might be worth taking your search to your local op-shops, second hand antique and retro stores. Visit the shops themselves and also do some online browsing, Gumtree can be an absolute treasure trove of stylish bargains. You never know what you can find for a fraction of the RRP!

Mixing textures

Why not create some depth and personality by mixing textures within your home?

Get eccentric with different pillows, throws and carpet textures. Try adding a faux fur rug to your wooden floors, or let that retro velvet couch make a statement in your sleek modern interior. The end result might be a pleasant surprise to you and your style-envious friends!

The power of plants

Never underestimate the ability of plants to transform your home. A few well-chosen pot plants are a cost-effective way to add life, colour and vibrancy into a room, and to incorporate the best of the indoors and outdoors.

Check out your local nursery, Bunnings or even ask around your neighbourhood for people who may be giving seedlings away. If you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, do some quick searches on the hardiest indoor plants (some of them thrive on neglect!). There are so many low-maintenance varieties to choose from. In fact, air plants and succulents are excellent varieties that require little to no care.

Large leaves create a bold statement, while smaller plants can add interest wherever needed. Alternatively, artificial plants can achieve the same effect, and when you choose good quality ones, it can be hard to tell the difference.

Once you pick your favourites, mix and match these babies and make use of unique vases, pot stands and even plant hangers. Macrame plant hangers are all the rage and add extra ‘oomph’ to any room. Take a look online for the quirkiest of ideas for plant containers, from old typewriters and TVs to gumboots and wheelbarrows. Go crazy.

Best of all, if you get sick of your arrangement, switching it up is as easy as pie with no interior design skills required!

Do It Yourself

Please bear in mind that a successful DIY job isn’t always about starting from scratch. While a can-do attitude is always a plus, the magic of DIY projects lies in how creative you can get.

Whether you’re transforming an old tabletop with golden spray paint or embellishing your mirror with artificial flowers, repurposing old items is a marvellous way to make your budget go much, much further.

Keeping a Pinterest board of your favourite DIY furniture and ornaments can be a great way to formulate a decor plan. A DIY project each weekend is completely doable!

That being said, a dodgy DIY project can also be expensive to fix. So, if you’re someone who struggles to assemble shelves from IKEA, it may be best to leave it the professionals.

We hope that gives you some ideas and inspiration and we advise taking it one room at a time, and one area at a time. Develop a theme or a concept for each stage, allocate a budget, and get out there to hunt the bargains that ooze charm, personality and your own individual style.