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Your Guide to 2018 Bathroom Trends

24th July 2018
3D Bathroom Tiles

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When designing your dream bathroom, a classy and calm interior will always win hearts over and with thousands of options at your fingertips, boring bathrooms are a thing of the past.

So why not put this new age of freedom to work in your home? Try your hand at some of 2018’s most popular trends right here right now, because we’ve got a full trend report, just for you!

3D tiles

Three dimensional tiles are transforming bathroom spaces by literally adding a whole new visual dimension to these spaces. Look out for eye-catching tiles in geometrical styles, with everything from hexagons, circular shapes and wavy chevron patterns set to liven up the room. Take care when choosing, some of the designs look so 3D they can make you dizzy!

Natural materials

Natural materials such as timber and stone are making a comeback, but not in the way you think. These rustic materials are increasingly being contrasted in modern bathrooms to add hints of cosiness year round. Australian timber is both incredibly durable, and beautiful.

Indigo blue

Indigo blue is well and truly the colour of the season! This tone has been hailed by many as ‘the new black’, with the iconic colour pairing well with neutral shades and other shades of blue. To ease yourself into this strong and confident colour, opt for indigo blue accents in the form of towels, vases and bath mats.

Resort style fixtures

Resort style fixtures shouldn’t be reserved only for the holidays. Now, we’re not suggesting that you ‘souvenir’ anything that takes your fancy from your luxury Balinese villa, but you can certainly take inspiration from up market hotels and their fitouts. And when you have the inspo, then you can integrate some of them into your own home. For example, a rain shower head remains both luxurious and practical - while a freestanding or sunken bath will elevate the room and simulate the spa experience in your very own home.

Matte finishes

Matte finishes on fixtures are hot this year. The matte look creates an overall polished feel, and definitely deviates from the norm of glossy hardware or benchtops. Matte wall colours are even becoming more and more popular to deliver a more unusual feel that encapsulates understated luxury at its best.

Warm metallics

Silver, step aside - rose gold, brass and chrome have come out to play! The beauty is in the details, so take your tapware to the next level with these elegant accents. It doesn’t take much time at all to swap out these fixtures with the help of a handyman. Trust us, these tones are destined for glamourous popularity, so be a design leader and adopt them now.

Elegant drapes

Elegant drapes are 2018’s effortless trend that require minimal effort. Lush translucent drapes and floor-to-ceiling styles across your largest and feature windows are in this winter. And if you are in any way capable on a sewing machine, this design feature you can create yourself. Just head to your nearest Spotlight and stock up with wonderful fabrics to tackle this trend.

Smart storage

Smart storage is always a winner, but this season holds a true focus on practicality. Hide your bathroom trinkets away and amplify your vanity game with clever cabinetry. As usual, Ikea does a wonderful job of offering many storage-savvy options. Look for daring styles, or simply ones that add a new level of sophistication and style to your storage spaces and get on with incorporating this space saving trend in your boudoir.

Statement mirrors

Statement mirrors are a fantastic concept that radiate both functionality and style. Go for unique frames such as round styles, or embrace some technology and choose ones with LED lights. Disco never died! Our advice? Don’t be afraid to embrace this piece as the focal point in the room, find inspiration, get creative, have some fun and let your reflection shine.