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Finding new cultural inspirations

11th July 2018

If you’re a lover of interior design, or someone hoping to take your travels home with you, it may be a great idea to dabble in other cultures to find home decor inspirations.

Today, we’re casting the spotlight on three cultures from around the globe that have inspired entire interior design movements!

Japanese Minimalism

Ancient in its origin but timeless in style, Japanese minimalism is as popular today as it was centuries ago. At the heart of it, is a desire to celebrate simplicity and let your home shine with more space and natural light.

Take space-restricted apartments in Tokyo as the perfect example. By making the most of smaller spaces, by using minimal furniture design and celebrating natural light, they create space where there is very little to work with. This aesthetic is still one of the most functional styles today. When it comes to furniture, opt for clean lines and modern pieces made from natural woods.

Now, the next step - declutter! A way to eliminate your clutter is to detach yourself from your material belongings and keep only the items that bring you joy.

We’re not sure where the saying comes from, but the Japanese are certainly masters of the concept ‘less is more’.

Parisian Chic

This classic style combines character with a hint of romance. From glimmering chandeliers to bold artwork, there are various ways to make the most of a neutral colour palette and celebrate the most famous of French cities.

The secret to achieving this look? Think about achieving a tasteful integration of the antique and the contemporary. A traditional wall trim and reupholstered furniture can be effortlessly modernised with a pop of colour and a dash of gold, like, say, a feature mirror.

For something a little more statement-making, you can’t go wrong with French doors or incorporating some wrought-iron into your home on your bannisters and balconies, or as interesting stand-alone features. Both concepts are sure to impress and make your guests say ‘ooh lala!’

To top it off, tie the whole room together with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Hamptons Style

Originating from the famous New York beach area and holiday zone of the uber-wealth, the Hamptons style has been adopted to reinvent Australian homes.

Inspired by the coast, this interior style sets the scene with natural light, and lots of it! This means large windows and inviting open spaces.

Pair light wood and furniture with cool blues and greens, and try and avoid loud colours that disrupt the traditional coastal calm. Along with stripes, modern glass and rattan, these elements perfectly encapsulate an NYC-sryle summer and will keep your guests coming back for more.

Scandinavian Style

Perhaps one of the most sought-after interior styles, Scandinavian design has truly risen to prominence in recent years, and the popularity of a certain blue and gold furniture mega-store is a testament to that!

A huge element of Scandinavian style is form and function. This sophisticated design takes shape in the form of neutrals, paired with natural materials like light timbers to add texture and warmth.

A common theme of the Scandinavian style is light wooden floors or tiles, along with modern feature lighting. Much like minimalism, this style focuses on creating clarity in your living spaces. If you’re bent on incorporating colour, stick to muted tones such as light greys, blush pinks and a dusty blue or two.

As well as that, a cosy fireplace would be a wonderful addition to complete your new interior and encapsulate that Scandi vibe!

Get online and let your mouse do some travelling, you never know what inspo you might find. It can come from anywhere around the globe, wherever takes your individual fancy, here, we’re just starting the conversation with a few of our all time favourites.