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Design tips for a super functional family kitchen

21st June 2018
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As the heart of every home, when it comes to designing your kitchen, you need to get it right! The real art is to make sure it suits your lifestyle while adapting to your family’s unique needs - balancing function with flair, while also serving as a place to cook, eat, and entertain guests.

With that in mind, here are some key tips for creating your own super-stylish and super-functional kitchen.


The open layout design has become the staple of contemporary homes for good reason - it helps maintain the overall flow of your home, while allowing ease of movement when you’re whipping up a storm. Anyone feeding a large family, or undertaking an ambitious culinary feat knows that bench space is all-important, so don’t short-change yourself with excessive appliances or awkward corners. For this reason, a kitchen island is the best way to both maximise bench space and maintain an open aspect. However, if your kitchen is on the cosier side, then SORRY, but that island is not for you! As much as we love them, adding an island to an already cramped kitchen will do more harm than good.


If ever there was a room to splurge on, the kitchen is it! Sure, those fancy appliances might set you back a bit but the functionality advantages you’ll enjoy will justify the cost. If it saves you time and makes your life easier, then we say that the state-of-the-art dual oven you’ve been coveting is worth it - treat yourself!

Amongst the glittering array of flashy kitchen gadgets on the market, Fisher & Paykel’s Double DishDrawer has to be one of our favourites. The second drawer allows for a faster fill-up and less wasteful wash cycles – a blessing for messy families who regularly find themselves without a single piece of clean cutlery. Sound familiar?


These days, kitchens are about more than just making dinner, they’re social hubs, being the natural place where your family gathers before meals and drawing your houseguests like moths to a flame. 

That’s why the breakfast bar is such a genius feature. A few stools, some legroom and BOOM you have yourself a built-in dining suite. Not only is a breakfast bar a brilliant way to keep the family together and connected in the mornings, it's a lifesaver for the dinner party host. By providing a place for your guests to settle in, it allows you to remain engaged in conversation and still keep an eye on your soufflé.

And guess what, that breakfast bar can double as a bar! Your guests are sure to get a kick out of you serving up a few cocktails alongside appetisers. Cheers!

Ultimately, your kitchen needs to fit your needs, so don’t be afraid to break design rules and customise! All that really matters come meal time is that your kitchen works for you and your family.

Bonus tip – Mirrored splashbacks

We rarely see mirrored splashbacks anymore, but we say it’s time for this trend to make comeback. Not only can mirrored splashbacks make a kitchen feel more spacious and light, for the cook with kids it’s the perfect way to keep an eye on the stove-top and the little rascals at the same time!

So, there you have it, those are our key tips and tricks to make more of your kitchen and create a space that meets the needs of your family and your dinner guests, by maximising the space you have to work with.

Bon appetit.