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How to Create Your Own Edible Garden

14th February 2018

It’s no secret that the freshest vegetables and herbs taste better. So take your home-cooked meals to the next level with home-grown produce.

A lot of people are motivated to grow their own vegetables by the desire to eat more organic foods, some do it for longer-term financial benefits, or to teach their kids where food comes from, others just like the look of the garden. Whatever your reason, you can, and should give it a go. There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting those first fruits, veggies or herbs of your labour!


What’s that you ask? Isn’t it difficult? Not at all. You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow a thriving garden at home. All it takes is a little time, energy and planning. We’ve got some simple tips to get you started on creating an enviable cook’s garden...or at least a small garden patch.

Raised garden beds

Small blocks may not necessarily provide the soil space needed to grow a big lush garden. But fear not. Raised beds and containers are the solution. You’re not restricted to the soil space in your backyard anymore; you can move your garden wherever you want it to be. Raised garden beds are easy to maintain, and you can fill them with good quality soil right from the start so your plants have the best start to their little lives. Looking for a new weekend project? DIY it. You can easily build your own garden beds with pallets or wood.


Upcycling is a clever and creative way to create a garden bed that really adds to your outdoor area visually. Take an old wheelbarrow, wicker basket, or even a wine barrel, fill it with soil, and you have an eclectic, easy-to-maintain garden bed.

Vertical gardens

Bring the garden indoors, and hang it vertically. Vertical gardens not only look great, but they are easy to create, and maintain. Plant herbs in rows so they're easy to pick and use as needed. Remember, the sooner you start picking the leaves, the sooner new ones will sprout. Use pallets to create your vertical garden bed, or secure small pots, or even mason jars, to a piece of wood and mount it to the wall in your kitchen so your favourite herbs are ready to use all year round.

Potted plants

You don’t need a lot of space or a lot of pots. Find a wide pot and plant a few of your favourite herbs all-in-one. Once they start growing and the leaves start spilling over the sides it will look lush and lovely. Or, if you prefer to keep each herb separate, buy a few smaller pots and plant away.

Creating your own personal garden is as easy as that. Not only will your fresh fruits, veggies, or herbs be handy, but they’ll also add a touch or lively greenery to your home. Get growing!