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Are Flat Pack Kitchens Any Good?

3rd January 2018

Dreaming of a new kitchen but find your budget won’t stretch to a bespoke design? Off-the-shelf, or flat pack kitchens, have come a long, long way and now offer all sorts of practical, affordable and beautiful alternatives.

At the end of the day, most of don't have the budget to spend tens of thousands on a picture-perfect bespoke kitchen. We're big fans of the speed, flexibility and features of today's flat packed options. You can do some amazing things.


Bespoke kitchens will often cost upwards of $40,000 while basic L-shaped flat pack kitchens from reputable and specialised suppliers can start from as little as $2000. That’s worth investigating further!

Features & finishes for less

A modest budget doesn’t have to mean style compromises because the flat packed manufacturers stay in touch with cutting edge design and features and include them in many ranges.

You’ll find that you can choose from all sorts of bling from high-gloss cabinetry finishes, handle-free doors and looks like the popular rustic-meets-modern that matches sleek cabinetry with timber and marble look benchtops.

You can also find many of the luxury features are now standard in budget kitchens such as good quality runners, cutlery drawer organisers and soft closing mechanisms.

Custom options

Flat packed kitchens are no longer about a limited choice of strictly ‘packaged’ options. Now, you can customise and play the designer as you pull together finishes and fixtures from a large selection, to create your own bespoke kitchen on your budget.

Mix it up your way by choosing from cabinet facings, benchtop sizes and materials, and optional extras like pull-out pantries and lighting. Integrated lighting can be a great option that is both practical to illuminate your cooking and prep zones, and a lovely design feature at night.

So, there you have it. Are flat pack kitchens any good? Yes! We think so for sure. Especially when you want to achieve a new kitchen on a budget. The options and flexibility are there, just make sure you are getting the highest level of quality possible.