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A new home is a big investment, one that many people intend to last them for a large portion of their lifetime. Adult children are living at home longer, elderly parents are moving in with their children later in life due to accommodation challenges, and many of us are trying to create an extra revenue stream, and what better way to do it than with a home fit for many: a dual occupancy home.

Inspired Homes is a Perth builder that understands the needs of current new home buyers and the trends of the property market all too well.

“We have a variety of designs to accommodate for dual occupancy or can customise a design to suit your specific needs. It’s much more cost effective to build a home that will meet your future needs than to build or buy a second home later in life.”
- Vas Spaseski, Managing Director, Inspired Homes.

There are a few reason you should consider a dual occupancy design for your new home build.

Let’s dive in.

To accommodate your children

With young adults living at home with their parents longer than they once did, having a dual occupancy home is the perfect solution to provide them with the space and privacy they desire as they get older. It’s also great for busy teenagers and those studying to have their own part of the house to do so in peace (without cluttering the rest of the home).

To look after your parents

Homes for the elderly are in a shortage in Perth, and they can be very expensive. It’s not uncommon for elderly parents to move in with their children when it’s no longer suitable or safe for them to live alone. A dual occupancy home gives home owners peace of mind that their elderly parents are comfortable, in their own independent space, and right there beside their family.

For extra entertainment space

Having additional living space in the home is never a bad thing. You never know when someone is going to come visit you on holiday and need somewhere to stay, or when you could have overnight guests. A dual occupancy home provides a comfortable living space for friends and family to stay, plus it’s another part of the home you or your children can entertain in.

To create extra revenue

The financial benefits of a dual occupancy home make it well worth it. Bring in extra income by renting out the extra space to travelers or students via AirBNB. There are many online platforms that make it easier than ever to do so safely and comfortably for you and your potential guests.  

Inspired Homes is committed to future-proofing your home. To learn more about their dual occupancy designs visit their website.