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Subdivisions and Custom Designs with Studio 8

4th October 2017

In the current market, subdividing an existing property can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Once the subdivision has been approved and completed, the hard part begins; putting a new home on the land. It can be a challenge to find the right home for the block that doesn’t compromise on functionality, practicality, and style.

Subdivided sites are generally not suited to standard Project Home designs, but that doesn’t mean your options are limited. Custom designs are required more often than not to fit the specifications of subdivided land, and with Studio 8 Builders & Designers, individually designed homes won’t cost you more.

With over 40 years’ experience in the Western Australian residential market, Studio 8 has extensive experience in unit developments, single and double storey construction, and they can custom individual design homes to suit any site.

If you are subdividing your existing property, Studio 8 Director, Ken Sopp recommends spending some time on design to make sure the subdivision can accommodate a home commensurate with the surrounding area. There’s not much more that can compromise the value of your block than it being too difficult to build on.

If you are purchasing a subdivided site, it’s important to understand and prioritise your design requirements and capabilities when it comes to the block. Figure out what features you want the home to include, and have some design work done to make sure you can achieve your intended requirements before purchase. At Studio 8, all home designs are completed in-house.

An in-house designer means that your requirements are related directly with the Designer and Builder. There is no loss of information or priorities by having to go through a third party.

- Ken Sopp, Director, Studio 8 Builders & Designers.

When you choose to build with Studio 8 Builders & Designers, you are not only getting an individually designed home at a competitive price; you are getting a house that maximises the use of your land and the passive solar options that suit your site. Passive solar design is becoming increasingly crucial as sustainable building solutions become more popular amongst homeowners and the building industry.  

If you are subdividing or purchasing a subdivided block, consider Studio 8 Builders & Designers for your home design. An individual design doesn’t need to cost more. Contact Studio 8 for more information on custom designed homes by visiting their website.