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Questions To Ask Your Renovation Builder - Part 2

21st September 2017

Whether you’re building a brand new home or undertaking a major renovation, there’s a person in the picture who is just as important as you — your builder.

Builders are working for you, and you need to work hard to keep the relationship positive and productive. Communication is crucial, as are a few other things, so read on.

We recommend working with your builder. Keep an open mind, learn from their experience and form a partnership with them that’s based on positivity and a two-way street of appreciating the other’s position.



Knowing the schedule means knowing when things are slipping up so you won’t want to start without one; This will help you gain an overall perspective of how each stage of the project will run, from walls being knocked down to cabinets being installed. It’s also a great way of making sure the whole project is staying on track.

Decision time

Being on top of the schedule will allow you to make timely decisions that can help keep your renovation on track. It’s worth asking your builder to provide a list of materials up front, even if you anticipate the process taking months.

Having time to research, plan and make smart purchase decisions will help keep your project on track and budget.

Let’s talk talking

Most builders have a preference as to how they communicate, and it’s essential you understand the way they do things. Email, calls, calendar schedules, make sure you and your builders are clear on how you’ll be in regular contact. Structured and scheduled meetings with a clear agenda are a great way of staying in touch without detracting from your builder’s time with daily, ad hoc questions.


Contracts usually list what paperwork to expect upon project completion, but there may be other items you’ll want for your records like names and contact information for subcontractors etc.

Review and confirm these requests with your builder before starting the renovation to ensure you’ll be left with all the info you’ll need.

So, that’s Part 1 and 2 complete of how to deal with your builder on a renovation. Of course, many of these will work for the new homes process too. Take a look around for more information from us because we’re here to help.