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Questions To Ask Your Renovation Builder

20th September 2017

We’ve given some help with communicating with your builder before, and it’s just as crucial with a renovation as it with building a new home.

A renovation can be significant enough to create a whole new home at the end of the process and they are becoming an increasingly popular option across Australia. With big projects comes a definite need to have great communications with your builder.


We know renovating is a considerable expense and one that can weigh on you logistically, financially and emotionally. Done right, a renovation can also be a fantastic investment, so communication with those intimately involved is essential.

Read on for the questions we recommend you ask your builder before your renovations begin. And remember to go for a builder who’s licensed and insured, if they’re not, then show them the door.

Who’s the boss?

It’s vital that you understand who is in charge and where responsibilities lie for opening and locking up each day, site supervision and who to contact with smaller common queries. Make sure this is all clear upfront, so you know who’s responsible for what and who to contact when.


Talk to your builder to understand the concerns they may have before construction gets started. They’ll be able to help you prepare for any potential worst-case situations, and you can plan a contingency budget accordingly; This will make a huge difference in how prepared you feel and will help you manage unrealistic expectations.

Shield your home

The last thing you want to come home to is a house full of dust so ask your builder to run through the measures they have in place to prevent dust, debris and contaminants from entering the rest of your home. An upfront discussion will clarify protective measures and give you peace of mind.

Especially important if you have pets who will be temporarily displaced. You’ll want to disturb their routine as little as possible, so this will help you plan accordingly.

So, here's Part 1. Come back for Part 2 soon, and we’ll run you through some more things to chat to your builder about. They’ll help you stay in control, and improve the quality of the result.