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Give Your House a Lift with Great Living Homes

8th September 2017
Davey Street_FINAL
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Great Living Homes has been using unique technology in the construction of their two-storey homes for many years; building the upper floor first and lifting it into place before completing the ground floor underneath.

This popular construction method has now reached new heights with the builder recently extending its services to include the lifting of existing single storey homes to transform them into incredible new two-storey structures; this means Perth homeowners now have more choices when it comes to deciding what to do with the old house on their block, demolition doesn’t have to be the answer.

Great Living Homes recently undertook this construction method on a project in Davey Street, Mandurah. 

In this project, Great Living Homes started with an old timber-framed house, added on an enclosed portico which houses the new staircase, freshened up the external appearance, and lifted the home ready for a brand new ground floor to be built.

For roughly the same price as demolishing your old home, you could instead refurbish it and lift it, giving you a two-storey house for the cost of building a brand new single-storey home.

This could be the ultimate solution if you:

  • Love the location of your land, but don’t like the old house on it,
  • Want to make the best use of your land by repositioning the existing home to enable subdivision of the land, or to build an additional dwelling or structure on the block (granny flat, shed, swimming pool, separate garage),
  • Need to increase the size of your existing home to accommodate your growing family,
  • Want to change to the overall floor plan of your current single storey home, or
  • Want to retain the old world charm and character of the original home (including hardwood floorboards, window frames, cornices, etc.) while increasing the size of the house.

If you’d like to learn more about this construction opportunity, get in touch with the friendly consultants at Great Living Homes. An initial assessment of the property will need to be conducted to confirm your house is suitable for this procedure.