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Design & Decorating. Separating a Don’t from a Do - Part 2

9th August 2017

Choose Paint. Choose Life.

Paint is a big decision, and with so many shades, colours and finishes, the options for paints are endless, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. When you finally land on what you think is the right one it’s tempting to buy it fast and get out of there. But take a moment to remember your surroundings.

We saw a social media post the other day showing the names of a range of white paints. One of them was called ‘Barry White’. Funny! And you need a sense of humour for this process because it can be exhausting and just down right difficult.


Consider the room you will be painting first. Shop lighting is notoriously bad and won’t necessarily present colours accurately. If you really have your heart set on a colour in store then consider the tone both in natural light, and get a sample back to your home. Paint the sample onto a section of the wall and then judge it in-situ.

An old trick used to test a paint’s true colour is to cut a hole in the middle of some white paper and place it over the colour - Look through the hole to see the colour in its most natural state.

Aflutter With Clutter

There’s nothing better than displaying a great selection of knick-knacks and memorabilia, tales from your upbringing, souvenirs from your travels, an heirloom from a relative. But there’s no need to display every Single one of them.

Pick and choose wisely, especially in smaller areas because these spaces will get cluttered very quickly. A few of your favourite and most treasured pieces will add flair to the room without flooding it. Give them space to stand out and be a feature, and it’s far more effective and pleasing to everyone’s eyes.

If you’re spoilt for choice, then you can always rotate your selection every few months and breathe new life into space each time. You can also spread your collections through your home - a knick-knack in the hallway and a souvenir in the kitchen will place your stamp through the house to tell your stories.

So, to summarise, use some restraint and don’t feel the need to match everything into sets. Take your time with your paint colours and test them in various lights, and your home, and choose a few key pieces to display as real features to avoid clutter and over-kill.

In short, less is more. Have fun and come right back to when you need to find more new homes help.