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Custom Design Building with Riverstone Custom Homes

8th August 2017

Creating your home with a builder who specialises in custom design while working closely with your architect can have a very different outcome if the designer and the client don't mutually understand budgets, requirements and plans. A custom design builder like Riverstone Custom Homes always designs with build outcomes in mind. They ensure they know what each home they design will cost to build, and always keep the client’s budget in mind during the design process.

Clients often come to us after seeing an Architect, they’ve spent a lot of money and they have complicated plans which can’t get through Council and are way over budget. At Riverstone we always design with an eye for building and completing the house from start to finish.

- Tim Marshall, Owner/Director, Riverstone Custom Homes.

The experienced Perth team encourage clients to talk to them first. They can entirely custom design and build any style or type of home with an architect service, without the exorbitant price tag.

Architects are more than capable of designing a home with a pleasing aesthetic. However, if they aren’t briefed in on the relevant council’s guidelines, the choice to use their services may cost you more than you expected in the long-run. Ask lots of questions. Does this design comply with planning regulations? Is it on budget? Can it be built on my site?

When giving an architect or a designer a design brief, it’s essential to make it as detailed as possible. Give them lots of information about how you live in your home and what the rooms will be used for. Include any key features or finishes you are after, like a laundry chute, an enclosable alfresco, a floating staircase; whatever you may need.  

A custom builder like Riverstone can offer the same service as an Architect, and much more, for a similar or lower cost. The build process and finished product can be much better when you trust the builder to take the project from your notes and ideas and turn it into your dream home.

- Tim Marshall, Owner/Director, Riverstone Custom Homes.

At Riverstone, the client works with the interior designer on the selections and finishes for their home, and are welcome to be as involved in the build process as they like. The team have close relationships with their trades, many of whom they have been working with for over 20 years. Clients can have on-site meetings with their site supervisor and Client Liaison Manager and are given a construction key so they can have access to the site whenever they like.

Before committing to an architect, speak to a custom design builder. More often than not you will find they can offer the same service and more for a similar or lesser cost. Riverstone Custom Homes offer an architect service and outcome; a beautifully designed house, that’s taken from start to finish under the provision of the one builder. For more information visit their profile.