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Live Large on a Narrow Lot with Rosmond Custom Homes

2nd August 2017
WEB 1 Relay Lane Floreat 16

The current Perth property market has seen a reduction in block sizes. Lots are getting smaller, and frontages are getting narrower.

Rosmond Custom Homes specialise in constructing narrow lot homes. Their experienced and knowledgeable team are well-versed in designing and building homes that don’t compromise on luxury, lifestyle, or space.

“It’s not unusual to find homes with frontages as narrow as nine metres or less in Perth, and we’ve created some astounding homes on lots as narrow as six metres.” - Ross Torre, Director, Rosmond Custom Homes.

Whether clients are in pursuit of a new design or a customisation on an existing one, Rosmond Custom Homes' highly-skilled team can construct almost anything. It is with that expertise that they are able to share their four top tricks for living large in a narrow house.

  1. Blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors

When designing a narrow lot home, every square centimetre, whether inside or out, is potentially valuable living space and it needs to be carefully considered. Maximise your block size by blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Consider outdoor rooms built for entertainment or dining purposes, swimming pools, and greenery that seamlessly flows into indoor rooms. This will create the illusion of endless space, as well as provide a practical solution for living and entertaining in our temperate climate.

  1. Make use of glass

Bring the outdoors in with big windows and doors. Natural light will transform tight spaces into light spaces; never underestimate the power of natural elements. Being able to look out onto a courtyard and garden area through large windows and glass doors tricks the brain into thinking you’re part of a much larger domain than you actually are.

  1. Think tall

You may be working with challenging parameters, but vertically the sky’s the limit, so think tall. Consider elevating your home to double storey. Upside down living is becoming increasingly popular to make the most of beautiful views. These reverse living designs give the kitchen and main living areas pride of place on the upper level to maximise views, and bedrooms are dispersed between the ground and upper floors.

  1. Befriend the neighbours

When you’re living in close quarters with your neighbours it’s important to be on friendly terms. Never underestimate the value of a neighbourly chat, you never know when you might need each other.

Rosmond Custom Homes design and build custom homes to suit individual lifestyles, needs, and block sizes. Their existing narrow lot range features many styles and layouts to choose from. Alternatively, the team is equipped with the expertise to start new and custom design a home to suit you. Visit their website for more information, and build with confidence.