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Design & Decorating. Separating a Don’t from a Do - Part 1

2nd August 2017

One of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home is the decorating process. You’ve got a shiny new blank canvas that you can make your own. This is your great chance to bring your aesthetics and tastes to life.

“Control, people. Good interior design is just as much about control as it is about creativity. Apply your ideas with a little restraint and you’ll achieve a far more stylish look throughout your new home.” -

It can be all too easy to get caught up in a particular aesthetic or interior design trend. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’. It’s an easy mistake to make so we’ve put together this decorating guide to help you keep it under control and create a beautifully decorated new home.

Don’t match too much. We’re talking about matching your furniture with your carpet with your curtains with your knick knacks - you don’t need to buy entire sets of matching items to create a great look.

Overkill can kill the design mood in a room so don’t overdo it because even simple fabrics can overpower a room if you go overboard and put them everywhere. Remember, you’re trying to give the room personality, and that means imagination, diversity and creativity. As much as we love a good Pottery Barn catalogue, your living room doesn’t want to be a carbon copy.

This doesn’t just applying to matching colours, fabrics and patterns - it’s the same with themes. There’s no need to go overboard to create the theme you’re after - for example, if you want something nautical, make a few strategic touches rather than making everything blue and white striped with anchor motifs.

Ok, that’s enough for Part 1. Come back and check out Part 2 where we talk choosing paint, and dealing with all that clutter. Get more help on all sorts of new home topics right here at the