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Tips for Mixing Timber with Timber

1st August 2017

We all know that wonderful welcoming feeling of walking into a home with beautiful timber floorboards and furniture pieces. That feeling is how you know each timber piece has been mixed and matched perfectly.

“Whilst naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, too much timber in one room can become overwhelming.” - Lyle Henri, Camerich WA.

There are a few things to consider when combining different timber elements in the home. Here are our top tips to keep in mind when mixing timbers:

Know your timber’s colour undertone

All timbers have a different base note. These colour undertones (pink, orange, yellow and grey) range from cool to warm depending on the species of timber as well as its age. Mix timbers together that have similar base notes. Walnut and Jarrah can work well together as they have a similar base note.

Going with the grain

Use the colour in the grain of your timber flooring as a guide when selecting a timber furniture piece. This will help create contrast and highlight the beautiful details in your floorboards. Pick up the grain in mid-tone flooring such as Blackbutt with dark/black timber furniture.

Create contrast by layering in black

Light floors are well contrasted with dark finishes such as black stained timbers.

In an open plan living area, use contrast to create interest and help anchor zones of the room. Black timber furniture, such as a table or chairs, can connect with other details in a room like black window frames.

Balance with texture

When mixing timbers make sure you include other textures in the styling of your room. Fabric furniture has the ability to soften up a room full of hard surfaces, from the living room to the bedroom. When shopping for key furniture items like a bed or sofa make sure you ask to see the full range of upholstery options available. It is also a great idea to look for a furniture store that hires qualified interior designers to assist you with your selection.

Use a rug to break up clashing tones

Using rugs, especially in living rooms, to break up your floorboards from a timber coffee table or sofa legs that don’t quite go can be a great way to separate the two.

Make a feature out of antique furniture pieces

So, you have been lucky enough to inherit a beautiful piece of timber furniture but you’re worried about how to include it in your modern home. We suggest you make it a focal point of the room and then stage it appropriately to incorporate it into the setting.