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Build Sustainably with Inspired Homes

26th July 2017

The Perth housing market may be experiencing an all-time low, but that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom. With low prices on offer, now is the perfect time to build, especially if you’re in the market to build an environmentally sustainable home.

“Sustainable building is becoming more and more important as energy costs continue to rise, and for many of our customers, environmentally-friendly building is one of the most important aspects of their new home journey.” - Vas Spaseski, Managing Director, Inspired Homes.

Inspired Homes is one of Perth’s builders providing cost savings to customers and giving them value for money. They offer not only traditional double brick homes but also eco-friendly, high-quality homes built faster and more cost effectively than regular builds.

Sustainable building is the way of the future for the construction industry. As environmental changes and concerns grow, building with more eco-friendly methods is becoming increasingly important to more and more Australians. Did you know that using sustainable building products actually allows for a faster build time? Building sustainably also allows for renewable energy options which provide cheaper long-term energy solutions to customers.

Inspired Homes use Masterwall products in their construction of sustainable homes. The Masterwall system is a thermal insulation panel that provides climate comfort and frame protection like no other wall cladding. The insulation system reduces energy costs by better regulating indoor temperatures.

The Masterwall system allows for design flexibility to suit any home style so homebuyers have the freedom to build and create the home of their dreams with sustainability at its core. The lightweight, imperishable, and resilient construction option is proving to be a popular choice in new home construction. 

If you’re a new home builder looking to create a more energy efficient home, discuss your options with your builder before the construction process begins. Inspired Homes offer sustainable home building solutions for custom designed homes and multi-unit developments. For more information visit:
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