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The Construction Process - Pre-Start Must-Dos. Pt 1.

19th July 2017

The dreamy scenarios associated with home builds can often be far from the reality; small changes go way over-budget, extra builders need to be brought in and on it goes.

“It’s worth involving yourself in your construction process from the get go, whether it’s a new build or renovations. It will save you and your team time, hassle and money in the long run.” -

Whilst some parts can’t be planned, many can, and it’s important you understand what’s ahead. Understanding is key to controlling your budget, timeline and keeping expectations in check.


Create a list of priorities, list what you most want to achieve during the process and refer back to this when faced with challenges. It’ll help the team stay focused and could steer you away from costly diversions or new features.

Think it Through

It’s easy to get swept up in excitement and anticipation before construction begins. Yes, a pool would be fantastic but consider the implications of adding such a big feature. More builders, an extended timeline, anticipated extra costs.

Once construction begins it’s very expensive to re-do, add or even undo features so think everything through before you start.


This is a big one. No matter how much you prep and plan it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll go over-budget somewhere along the line so it’s crucial to have contingency in place. When we say contingency, we mean extra cash for when you really need it, rather than pocket money to upgrade new features - those benchtops don’t have to be marble.

Construction is a long winded and complicated process, it’s impossible to know at the very beginning whether you’ll run into unforeseen costs, so play it safe.

So, that’s Part 1 of our Pre-Start Must-Dos. See you soon for Part 2. Until then, come back and find out more, and all the best on the new home journey.