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The Indoor Garden. Bringing A Little Piece Of The Outdoors Inside.

10th July 2017

These days a couple of well-placed indoor plants are essential to any trendy interior. However, before you start to grow your indoor garden, there are a few important things to know.

Indoor plants need a good start in life so that they can thrive. Make sure that each plant has an adequately sized, well-draining pot so that it has enough room to grow. A good quality potting mix is great for most plants, however if you are growing succulents or cacti which require extra drainage, choose a cactus potting mix.

“Easy care indoor plants will not only increase air quality, but will help brighten any room in your home.” - Joel Barker, Director, Seedesign Studio.  

Once you have your new beauties all potted up and ready to go you will need to find them the perfect spot in your house. The number one thing to consider for a healthy plant is lighting. Some species will thrive next to a bright, warm and sunny window with abundant filtered light, while others will prefer a cooler corner with less direct light.

Lastly don’t forget to love and nurture your new indoor garden. A regular water is very  important. Check how often your plants requires watering. Some species like to dry out completely between watering while others prefer to be moist at all times. Be careful not to get too enthusiastic and drown your plants with too much water and love. A few times a year a sprinkling of indoor plant fertiliser will be much appreciated by your indoor garden. Also, wiping down dusty leaves with a damp cloth now and again allows your plants to breath.

“Making your room an indoor oasis doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive exercise.” - Joel Barker, Director, Seedesign Studio.

Fremantle based landscape architects, Seedesign Studio, have a few favourite fail safe on-trend plants that will add to any home. Here are Seedesign Studio team member Joel Barker’s picks:

Devil’s Ivy

This verdant cascading plants looks spectacular positioned on a shelf or in a hanging basket. You can’t go past it’s lush variegated leaves. This plant is also super resilient and can handle low light conditions. You will have an indoor jungle in no time.

Monstera Plant

This large leafed climbing beauty makes a spectacular feature plant. It requires a little more space than Devil’s Ivy, but this retro plant won’t disappoint.

Mother-In-Laws Tongue

The perfect choice for the beginner gardener looking for an indestructible and low-maintenance indoor plant. It has a striking upright form which looks great in just about any type of pot. This plant will never let you down.

Stackwood in Fremantle have a wonderful range of indoor plants readily available, and have helpful staff on-hand to offer advice on what plants would work best for your home. Grab a coffee from Stacked Cafe and wander through the indoor nursery.