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How to Reinvent Your Kitchen on a Budget

28th June 2017

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so you want to keep it feeling fresh without having to regularly blow the budget on renovations or decorators. Whether it just needs brightening up with fresh paint or it’s feeling tired and in need of a facelift, we’ve got some tips to help you transform the space without splashing cash on an all-out overhaul.

“Home improvements don’t have to mean brand new and big budget. With a little hard work, imagination and good old fashioned love, amazing kitchen transformations can be achieved on modest budgets.” -

So, let’s see if we can help you cook up a recipe that takes your kitchen’s decor to the next level with some easy-to-execute ideas.

Save that space 

First up, set aside some time to de-clutter. You’ll be amazed at the difference a big clean out can have. Not only does it transform the space, but it doesn’t cost a thing. To help with those clutter-bug habits, we’ve got some space-saving tips to help you along the way.

Invest in some slide-out shelving for your cabinets to help maximise cupboard space and make organisation much easier. You can find these in local hardware stores or a quick browse online will provide plenty of inexpensive options.

If you find yourself using the same couple of utensils time and time again, maximise space by adding some hooks to drawers or doors to hang up your utensils of choice (Top-tip - great for bottle or can openers).

For those with glass cabinets or paneling, this is a great opportunity to add some design flair with a splash of colour. If you can’t quite find what you’re after, a simple splash of paint on the back wall of a cabinet is an instant and inexpensive makeover.

In a similar vein, drawer dividers will allow you to separate kitchen items, making them easier to organise and find. Again, local hardware stores or online stockists will provide you with heaps of budget-friendly options.

Colours & Hues 

A kitchen should be both comforting and enticing, and colour is a fantastic way of creating that warm feeling. Consider the tones and colours used in other rooms of your house and opt for something complementary to tie the look and feel of your interior decor together. To top off the look, fresh flowers in coordinating hues will give your kitchen a centrepiece that pops.

Update your table decor 

If you’re happy with the colour and look of your kitchen and things still feel fresh then a simple shakeup of your table decor can make all the difference. Some new cushion covers, a bright and bold table runner or colourful crockery are all awesome ways of giving your kitchen a subtle facelift without the renovation bill.

Bigger changes 

If it’s been a good few years and your kitchen really needs some more intensive care, then it might be time to invest in larger scale renovations. In that case, some of these tips and ideas will still come in handy, but you’ll probably benefit from a higher level of help. Consider consulting an Interior Designer - they’ll be able to create well-considered themes and specific ideas that us mere mortals are unlikely to come up with on our own.

So, there you are, we hope we've helped give your kitchen a new lease on life. Come on back to anytime you need a guiding hand with your home.