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Meet Riverstone Custom Homes

12th June 2017
The Skypoint display home

Riverstone Custom Homes design and build fully custom, unique, one-off residential homes. In operation for over 20 years, this company started out as a small, luxury home builder, using limestone as a major design element, and point of difference. Since then, they’ve expanded their design capabilities and services to slowly grow the company over the years. Now, they build a wide variety of homes, fully customising the design to suit client needs. Their designers love transforming dream homes into reality.

The number of homes they build per year is limited to ensure they maintain build quality, processes, and high levels of customer service. Their homes are unique and often complex, requiring a high level of involvement from staff with councils, trades, and most importantly, clients.

What sets Riverstone apart from other builders?

Riverstone are a fully custom home builder. Every job starts with a blank page. They take into account the site the home is being built on, the client’s lifestyle, needs and wants, their design influences, and of course their budget. Everything, from the floorplan and external elevation, to the kitchen design and interior finishes are custom designed alongside the client.

No two homes are ever the same. They have incorporated a long list of unique requirements into their houses over the years, from a built-in laundry dogwash, to underground theatres and wine cellars, saunas, and even a Moroccan-themed house. 

Riverstone’s current display homes.

The Skypoint in North Fremantle is a contemporary, reverse-living style home that is finished to a high spec and really shows what Riverstone can do. It has alucabond cladding externally, an open tread steel external staircase, internal European Oak timber staircase and feature wall, and a fully enclosable alfresco with views across Minim Cove. Its design links the two floors together and makes the most of the site and the river views.

The West Hamptons in Swanbourne is a luxury family home that  captures the classic Hamptons look, tailored to life here in Perth. The home features weatherboard cladding, a bold archway over the kitchen, a built-in breakfast nook, and a Perspex-backed built-in bookcase to the double height void.

“We’re finding Hamptons style is quite popular at the moment. It offers stylish, relaxed homes, perfect for family life in Perth.” - Tim Marshall, Director, Riverstone Custom Homes.

The changing landscape of the building industry.

The process of construction on site has essentially remained the same, and the primary building elements used at Riverstone have also essentially remained the same. Concrete slabs, brick walls, timber roof frames.

The use of technology has greatly impacted the way communication with clients and business partners is conducted. 20 years ago there was one computer with the ability to connect to the internet in the Riverstone office, mainly used for fax, and post was used to communicate with clients, subbies and suppliers. Now everything is done via email, which allows for more communication and quick responses. 

The design process has changed considerably with the use of computers. 20 years ago designs were still hand-drawn and pencil renderings coloured in by hand. Now designers do almost all designing on auto-sketch and then uses sketch up for renderings. Everything is modelled in 3D. This is a great assistance with complex construction details.

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