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The Reinvention of Structural Insulated Panels

2nd June 2017

Structural Insulated Panel technology (SIPs) has been utilised successfully worldwide for more than 40 years. Bellissimo Homes has incorporated specific redesigns to these SIPs to achieve maximum efficiencies in design, building, insulation, and performance. On top of this, they’ve made enhancements to make them resistant to storms, fires and termites.

The method developed for joining the panels to the slab and other panels has resulted in a walling system that is incredibly strong. They’re resistant to Category 5 Severe Tropical Cyclones, with no heating or cooling loss or transfer.

There are several flooring system options available from Bellissimo Homes:

  • Option 1
    Two layers of STRUCTAflor
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
    Allowing a concrete slab to be laid

All three options result in a solid underfoot feel with a dampening effect on any noise from foot traffic or impact.

Bellissimo Homes use engineered prefabricated timber treated roof trusses for all residential single and double storey homes; they allow greater design flexibility. There is substantial saving in timber used over traditional pitched roofing, and the wood trusses are less likely to burn and are much safer options than iron roof trusses.

There are three options used in roof cover:

  • Option 1
    Tiled roofs
  • Option 2
    Steel roofing
  • Option 3
    Insulated panels

The Insulated Panels provide a barrier to noise that might normally pass through the roof void into adjacent rooms. They also provide acoustic privacy throughout the home. The panels integrate with the EcoSIPs system to enclose the living space within a robust, impervious shell that is resistant to storms, bushfires, and external noise.

Bellissimo Homes incorporates double glazed windows and sliding doors for all their homes, specifically designed to be warmer in winter, and cooler in summer. This ensures a reduction in energy usage, condensation, and noise.

Structural Insulated Panels give rise to fast, affordable, and energy efficient methods in construction.  Designed and built by builders, they are an improved reinvention of a proven technology. Contact Bellissimo Homes to find out more about EcoSips and how they can help bring your dream home to life, the sustainable way. Visit their website: