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Design Uncompromised with Rosmond Custom Homes

10th May 2017
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Rosmond Custom Homes has been in the home building industry for more than 25 years. Countless dream homes have been constructed into reality over the course of the company’s career. It’s through the experience of the Rosmond team of brothers that has seen this builder grow to become one of the best luxury home builders in Perth.

Directed by brothers Ross and Raymond Torre, Rosmond Custom Homes is a family-run, boutique home builder. The Torre brothers bring over a quarter of a century of building experience each to the company, and they are personally involved in the construction process for every home they build. Their workmanship, paired with their team of professionals, has earned them numerous industry awards.

“We both used to be tradesmen, so we have a lot of experience in this industry; there’s very few problems we haven’t encountered. We have the practical skills and industry knowledge to create any home, and we hold our reputation to do that in high regard.” - Ross Torre, Director, Rosmond Custom Homes.

Customers of Rosmond Custom Homes receive personalised service and contact with the team members building their dream home throughout the entire process. From the initial meeting, everything is drafted and completed in-house, with fixed price contracts that ensure there are no hidden fees.

“We believe home building should be a collaborative process where the homeowner is part of the team.” - Raymond Torre, Director, Rosmond Custom Homes.

Rosmond Custom Homes offers a wide variety of building services from single and double-storey custom homes, and turnkey design plans, to apartments, developments and rebuilds. Their limitless flexibility in the building and design process helps bring their customers individual dreams to reality with homes tailored to their needs and lifestyle.

Narrow lot homes are becoming increasingly popular due to rising land prices and increased density, and Rosmond Custom Homes specialises in constructing them. They’re well-versed in designing and building narrow lot homes that don’t compromise on luxury, lifestyle, or space. Whether clients are after a completely new design or a customisation on an existing one, the designers are equipped with the skills to create almost anything. Some of the most astounding homes have been created on lots as narrow as 6 metres.

Building a home is a big commitment and investment, and it’s important to have a trusting relationship with the builder. At Rosmond Custom Homes, it all starts with a conversation. The first consultation is free, with no obligation. Visit their website for more information, and build with confidence.